HerosArella Wintersmith

The daughter of great lord with parts of Shadow in her, she unknowingly awaits the day when the shadows take her.

a character in “The Shadows of Heros”, as played by angelwolfchild

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Name: Arella Wintersmith
Age: 16
Gender: Female
Race: Hybrid (Human with parts of Shadow inside her)
Appearance: Image
Clothing: Long white medieval dress, white shoes.
Weapon(s): A knife extends from her inner wrist (she is unaware of this at first)
Alignment: Neutral (She doesn't believe in war.
Personality: Arella can seem very distant and cold but overall she is a kind and friendly girl. She loves animals, although they are often tense around her, and enjoys reading and dancing a great deal. Occaisionally she can have outbursts of cruelty but they tend to scare her more than anyone else. She still appears rather fragile but is surprisingly in good health. She knows her home so well that even though she is blind, it appears like she can see things fine. She is wise and mature for her age, displaying a great degree of intelligence and understanding.
Background: It was clear from birth that Arella was a sickly child. Her mother died in childbirth and her father, the great lord Godfrey, could see not only that she was blind but that she struggled to breath. In desperation he sought out a Shadow leader, promising Arella to the Shadow Kingdom when she was sixteen in exchange for her health. Most of her internal organs, including her heart, were replaced by mechanical ones but for some reason she would not adapt to the new eyes given to her, leaving her blind. Arella grew up reasonably happy but always wanted to know why her father always seemed afraid of leaving her alone, unaware that he was dreading the day when the Shadows would come to take her. She was always aware that she was different from other people, suffering sudden outbursts of coldness and cruelty which terrified her, but she was still rather normal. People were suspicious of her because of the Shadow's refusal to attack her, almost like she was one of there own.

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Arella Wintersmith's Story