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[The one on the left, Ace is the one on the right, believe it or not Ace is taller]

Name: Aireus Evander
Gender: Male
Element: Darkness
Side: Corrupt

Joys: Reading, making secret hiding spots, Dying knowing the job is done,

Phobias: Losing, dying without finishing the job,


Personality: Aireus is a bit different than Aries, he actually hates being in the dark, not that hes scared he just gets and eerie feeling whenever he is alone, like there is something else nearby. After the incident with the Hellborn Samurais Aireus started to like being the center of attention. He hates losing whether it be a simple game of checkers or an all out brawl. He is good natured and actually doesn't like to kill, he considers killing shows mercy, your let them leave this world instead of leaving them scarred for life.


Modification of Picture - Description of Picture

Head wear: Mask

Shirt: Black Shirt[replacing brown shirt], red hood attached to shirt.

Pants: Jeans, sort of skinny [Not baggy]

Foot wear: Converse

Left hand: Fingerless glove, Skull Ring middle finger

Right Hand: Fingerless glove, Skull Ring middle finger

Left Arm: Paper arm wrappings

Right Arm: Paper arm wrappings



~Dual Pistols

~Collapsible staff Image

The staff can turn into nunchakus, bladed tonfas that are connected, and a bladed rope that can wrap around enemies and pull them down to the ground, if they try to move alot they will get cut deeper.


Earth life -

History: Aireus had a normal life, go to school, come home study eat, sleep. He went to private school up until11th grade, he then went to public school. He got teased alot and he had little to no friends, but Someone saw something in him, an 11th grader that got held back twice. The 11th grader took Aireus out to eat and then they walked by an alley, thats when it happened, out of nowhere two people came and took Aireus into the alley and attempted to jump him. The 11th grader watched the 1v2 fight and was waiting for it to end.

Aireus punched one in the gut then finished him with a knee to the face thus knocking him out cold, the other one rushed at Aireus with a switchblade. Aireus dodged the switchblade charge and grabbed his forearm, he disarmed and dropped him to the ground. To finish it he stabbed him in the arm with the switchblade. Finally the 11th Grader intervened, but not in a good way. He threw Aireus a gun, "Finish him..." he said as he walked away. Aireus caught the gun and pointed it at the guy bleeding out on the floor. "For fucks sake..." Aireus sighed and pulled the trigger. He hid the gun on his belt and left the guy there to rot as he walked out the ally way. "I asked for friends not fuc- I don't even know what to say, you just made me kill a person!" Aireus stared at the 11th grader with rage in his eyes. The 11th grader replied. "My name is Ace...welcome to the Hellborn Samurais...follow me to the armory.

Aireus followed Ace a few blocks to an abandoned storage garage, Ace unlocked the garage and opened it up. "Well...this is everything you could possibly imagine, take whatever you can only have three items though. Aireus walked up and picked up a ninjato and another pistol. "Thats two. You sure you don't want one more?" Ace interrupted. "I'll take that staff." Aireus pointed to a staff that was in a black and purple case with a golden lock. " is a prototype and we need some testing so...Eh I guess just don't break it.", Ace said. Aireus rushed up and grabbed the staff and walked out the garage. "Where you going?!" Ace called out. "Home! I've had a long day!" Aireus waved as he walked out.

A few years later Hellborn samurais got rowdy and started to slowly disband, They were tired of Ace as leader so he appointed Aireus as leader before all hell broke loose, Aireus changed the name from Hellborn Samurais to Midnight Assassins. They quit being a gang and locked more than half their guns up in a vault. They decided to be more or less a family, a group of kids that just hang out if you will. Ace started to get jealous of the attention Aireus was getting so he decided to attempt to assassinate him. He planned it out all by himself, One night Aireus was going to go train in the forest on the outskirts of town and that's when Ace was going to kill him.

Ace decided to have Aireus come to him, when he saw Aireus he jumped out of a tree and came from the back to use the element of stealth and surprise. Aireus heard the tree move and knew it was too big for a raccoon. He took out his custom pistol that Ace first handed him and shot Ace in the shoulder, he then took out a ninja-to and slashed Ace right below the eye. Ace fell to the ground in pain and got into a position where Aireus could cut his head off. "End me....end my miserable life!" Ace pleaded. "No, I'll let you live you will remember who the fuck I am and where that bullet wound and scar came from, now get the fuck out my sight before I actually decide to kill you." Aireus actually started to chuckle. "Ah who am I kidding? Get up I'll drive you to a hospital...I can't have my lieutenant bleed out now eh?"

A week after the failed betrayal Ace got shot by some old rival gang members that did a drive-by. Ace was rushed to the hospital for emergency surgery, the surgeons knew that he might not survive but attempted anyway. Ace lived but the doctors told Aireus that he only had about three months left.

Three Months past and Ace got very sick, he passed away but Ace and Aireus had a long conversation.
Rumor has it the conversation went something like this.

Aireus: You gotta make it, no one can replace you as lieutenant you know!
Ace: Not gonna happen you and me both know that! Anyway i'll be watchin over you so don't do anythin' stupid! *Cough*
Aireus: Very funny, your strong so you will live through this, besides you always were better than me you know, It's ironic I didn't attempt to betray you!
Ace: Indeed but your a better leader and that's what we need, now leave me die in peace I'm tired of your compliments!
Aireus: Aight see you tomorrow *a door closes in the background*


~Sparring Partner[Part-time] Aireus acts as a sparring partner for kids at a local dojo, he does it for free as the dojo might close if it does not get enough money.




True life

Name: Aries Quinton

History: Aries was the very definition of "Pure" Darkness. He didn't talk much and wore many masks to tell his emotions. If he did talk it was for a strategic plan or a signal to move out or it was clear. He worked to protect, he always thought it was weird that darkness would be an element that would "help" the other elements. Oddly enough he had plenty of friends and trained everyday in the shadows, at times he even trained in rooms of pure light to figure out ways to use darkness when their was nothing but light around. [sorry this really wasn't a good history, perhaps as the story goes along and I unlock more memory I shall extend it?]

Death: Aries expected to die...but not by his best friend. Aries gazed into the distance to see the armies march in. Few words could explain what happened that day, some say it was hell in the most holy place in the world. Many different races, all demons with big red eyes and large hairy horns wanting the same thing...power. The very ground trembled as the armies marched in unison. Aries was perched atop a statue outside when the first few squadrons moved in. He jumped down from the statue, when he landed there was nothing but smoke. A grunt was sent to check it out...he never came back alive, soon the whole squadron moved in and investigated. Black spears pierced through the smoke and hit a few demons here and there, the spears disintegrated on impact along with the demons.

Soon after a few squads were defeated Aries' best friend Ray joined in the fight. They took on squads and squads but they didn't die they kept coming it was never ending. Aries' armor was stained with blood and his giant shurikens were no longer sharp they were dull as a butter knife. They were surrounded, Aries motioned to retreat, Ray stood still and disappeared and reappeared behind Aries holding him in a hostage hold. He whispered into Aries' ear. "Live an assassin...die as one." Ray slowly cut his jugular vein so he bled out but not too fast. "Have fun...Shadow Warrior." With that Ray disappeared from Aries' vision. Aries fell to the floor half conscious and vision blurred as the armies trampled over him breaking a few ribs and finally crushing his skull open. Before he died he said casted a spell upon himself, this spell turned him into a shadow so his body could never be found...he simply just disappeared.

So begins...

Aireus Evander's Story