The Silent Invasion

The Silent Invasion


Aliens secretly invade Earth via breeding irresistible half-alien babies. Those children are all 18 and younger in present day, all showing some... odd characteristics.

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A race of aliens takes control of planets, not through war, but through breeding. The aliens have airborne spores which have the potential to get any adult females pregnant with an alien baby. The babies are so adorable that anyone would feel compelled to raise them as one of her own. The aliens fill the earthโ€™s atmosphere with their spores, and wait for their offspring to grow up and overwhelm humanity through sheer numbers. Not every spore works of course, so not every woman get pregnant, and ones who were already pregnant or had recently given birth were not affected. โ€‹(Also, people who are asexual or aromantic or transgender men who hadn't started the transition or people who are fixed are unaffected as well) โ€‹ โ€‹ Now, those kids are older, high school age for the eldest of them. โ€‹ โ€‹ โ€‹ Some are evil, some are kind. They live amoungst regular humans, though they have a unique appearance that separates them from the average student. No one knows why there is this new epidemic of light green-skinned babies, but no one seems to mind them as they are overly adorable, the secret hybrid of two species. They live as regular kids, though they all have teal-shaded skin, black eyes with no sclera (the whites) and a heightened sense of observance. Some times they seem as if they can read minds or tell when someone is lying.

Soon, the aliens invade, and some of the alien kids--who know that they are half-alien from birth--join them and others join the humans as allies.

Toggle Rules

*half humans are overly smart and incredibly observant
*half humans are telepathic
*half humans omit spores when horny but can only reproduce the human way
*half humans can sense when someone is lying
*half humans heal quickly*
*you may be a human, a hybrid, or an alien

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Character Portrait: Brielle Carson
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Character Portrait: Brielle Carson
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