Light NationSebastian Hynes

Former lover, chief advisor, and personal wizard to King Johann I.

a character in “The Six Nations of Dusseteu 2”, as played by RolePlayGateway

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*What nation are you joining?(Fire, Dark, etc...): Wind
*Are you a King, Queen, Princess, Prince, or commoner?: Commoner
*If you are a commoner, what purpose do you hold to the roleplay?(Butler, chef, magician, royal adviser, android etc...): King's Wizard/Chief Advisor
*If you are a commoner, what nation do you live at?: Wind
*Character name: Sebastian Hynes
*Age: 39
*Gender: Male
*My dreams (aspirations): Sebastian desires only knowledge, and maybe a nice place to read his book in peace and quiet (or perhaps to live out his life happily with Cecilia, his wife)
*My fears: That the delicate balance his life is lived on will be upset again by this stupid war.
*My talents: Sebastian is very magically talented, very intelligent, and has about all the social skills of an amoeba. Luckily, his wife Cecilia is can pretty accurately translate his callous behavior into terms real people can actually understand.
Views on the war: He thinks that it's a ridiculous conflict, and considering it cost him his mother and father, one can't especially blame him for that.
*Personality: Grumpy, callous, sarcastic, overprotective, antisocial, and a little bit obsessive. But he's a good guy under all of that.
*Physical traits: Scrawny, tall, with long black hair that he pulls into a ponytail on the back of his neck.
History: (Forthcoming, as I basically have to pick up where I left off with Johann)
Views on life: "Humbug."

[if commoner/servant/etc...] My occupation is: The King's Wizard and his chief advisor. I keep him from falling into pits, mostly, and give him advice that he doesn't generally follow.
[if commoner/servant/etc...] I would not like to be royal, because...: it's too much work, and I'd never get any real work done.

*I look like... (Image also forthcoming.)

So begins...

Sebastian Hynes's Story