The Smoke Spot

The Smoke Spot


A highschool roleplay that shows East High at its absolute worst. The drugs, the scandal, the sex and the rock and roll all bared to the spots in this school that act like confessionals.

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| number of characters |
10 female
10 male
1 taken
8 reserved
11 open

| genre | romance, slice of life, angst, teenage, young adult

east high, oldest high school in denver, colorado, hellish home to just over 2,000 ninth
through twelfth grade students, and the east high angels. gifted for speech and debate,
east comes second in colorado only to the denver school of the arts speech and debate
team who always, somehow, manage to defeat them. the halls are plastered with
boasting about the actors and senators who have graduated in years long past that no
one at the overgrown, painfully mediocre school really remembers. under a tired
principal and careless deans, students are rarely busted for open drug deals or just
about any kind of terrible thing one can think of. rapes and fights go unchecked and
the sports teams are falling into disrepair. still, there's this little place, if you can
squeeze between the ash tree and the wall of the school, that you can get to, a small
room created by the fence and two walls extended from the school, entirely hidden by
the little ash tree and the walls, where the kids go out to smoke, and in all of this falling
apart, they start to have small meetings, that become a strange confessional at the
"smoke spot", passing around cigarettes and weed and trying to figure out who they are,
where they're going, and why they're going there. at present time, there are six members
of this small group who visit the smoke spot and talk about themselves, and humanity,
and whatever else they need to get off of their chests, but that number could quickly
change, as the other members of the school are just as guilty, and just as scared of the
future as the members of the smoke spot confessional are.


|| The Need to Knows ||
| the hell |
east high school is smack dab in the middle of denver, right on colfax avenue and
sharing a huge block with, strangely, a small dog park. full of a hugely mixed cast of
students and faculty, diversity runs rampant, and the crime rate's huge in the city right
around the school when the sun sets over the mountains to the west of the beautiful mile
high city. rules are rarely enforced and sports are a huge deal, or everyone tries to
make it that way, it seems. speech and debate is their biggest deal, though, and one of
the only things they excel at. in a beautiful, but somewhat fallen to ruin building, their is
a huge, accurate clock across the main building's highest floor and they have huge fields
as well as two temp buildings out back.

| the demons |
east high's student boy is tired and diverse, the school's a few blocks from denver's
lgbtq youth center, which means it has a high percent of lgbtqa (lesbian, gay, bisexual,
transgender, questioning, and asexual) youth within its population. this does not,
however, mean that east high is a particularly safe or welcoming environment for that
kind of student. still, some privacy is allowed to the students and many lgbtqa students
have relatively normal lives slipping by out of the spotlight at east high.

| the RULES |
1. we will begin when we have three characters of each gender
2. swearing is certainly alright
3. please hit tripple digit word counts with every post.
4. while this is a romance roleplay, this site does not allow not safe for work scenes for public viewing. please take anything
past removing clothing to personal messages.
5. drugs and other mature topics should be taken seriously but may be freely portrayed.
6. lgbtq characters are encouraged
7. the password you must use to reserve a character is what your favorite type of flower is
8. please do not kill off characters, including your own, without clearing it with both me and the owner of the character.
9. try to post at least once every two or three days
10. please pay attention to updates and such.
11. reservations will last 48 hours.
12. wips can remain work in progress for an additional seventy-two hours before forfeiting the right to the position if someone else wants it.
13. Because there are so many open slots, I encourage taking as many characters as you can handle! There isn’t a wordcount so there isn’t an
increased number of words you must achieve if you take more characters, and I may even give some super secret in character prizes if you take more characters.
14. If you play more than one character, please plan on having at least one male. Males seem to be sorely lacking on this site.
15. face claims must not be cartoon, anime, or any other sort of drawings. you may change the chosen face claim if you first contact me for permission.


|| The Cast ||
| the BOYS |
|| NAME: nathan reese || AGE: fifteen || FC: frank wolf || FRESHMAN || TAKEN ||
the good humored punk | d average | member of the smoke spot confessional
crush :: to be decided by players

|| NAME: || AGE: seventeen || FC: gerard way || JUNIOR || OPEN ||
the bipolar dealer | c average | member of the smoke spot confessional
crush :: to be decided by players

|| NAME: || AGE: eighteen || FC: joseph gordon-levitt || SENIOR || OPEN ||
the quiet priest's son | a average | not currently a member of the smoke spot confessional
crush :: to be decided by players

|| NAME: rory jameson || AGE: seventeen || FC: andrew garfield || JUNIOR || TAKEN ||
the traveler who got stuck | c+ average | member of the smoke spot confessional
crush :: tba

|| NAME: charlies graystone || AGE: fifteen || FC: grant gustin || FRESHMAN || TAKEN ||
the sickly loner | a average | not currently a member of the smoke spot confessional
crush :: to be decided by players

|| NAME: || AGE: eighteen || FC: alex turner || SENIOR || open ||
the stoner | b- average | not currently a member of the smoke spot confessional
crush :: to be decided by players

|| NAME: kirk williams || AGE: sixteen || FC: aaron paul || SOPHOMORE || TAKEN ||
the kid from the mountains | b average | not currently a member of the smoke spot confessional
crush :: to be decided by players

|| NAME: oscar madden || AGE: seventeen || FC: freddie stroma || JUNIOR || TAKEN ||
the cassanova of east high | c average | not currently a member of the smoke spot confessional
crush :: to be decided by players

|| NAME: || AGE: sixteen || FC: cristofer drew || SOPHOMORE || open ||
the wayward musician | d average | not currently a member of the smoke spot confessional
crush :: to be decided by players

|| NAME: || AGE: eighteen || FC: kurt cobain || SENIOR || RESERVED ||
the depressive | a average | not currently a member of the smoke spot confessional
crush :: to be decided by players

| the GIRLS |
|| NAME: zee jameson || AGE: sixteen || FC: taissa farmiga || SOPHOMORE || TAKEN ||
the cold little sarcastic twerp | c average | member of the smoke spot confessional
crush :: to be decided by players

|| NAME: || AGE: eighteen || FC: keira knightley || SENIOR || open ||
the emotional nurturerer | b+ average | member of the smoke spot confessional
crush :: to be decided by players

|| NAME: samantha hale || AGE: seventeen || FC: angelina jolie || JUNIOR || TAKEN ||
the tough fronting punk | d average | not currently a member of the smoke spot confessional
crush :: to be decided by players

|| NAME: dani leiber || AGE: fifteen || FC: emma roberts || FRESHMAN || TAKEN ||
the defensive rich girl | b+ average | not currently a member of the smoke spot confessional
crush :: unknown

|| NAME: dania keller || AGE: sixteen || FC: ellen page || SOPHOMORE || TAKEN ||
the new english new girl | c+ average | not currently a member of the smoke spot confessional
crush :: the quiet priest's son

|| NAME: || AGE: seventeen || FC: mila kunis || SENIOR || open ||
the seemingly careless popular girl | a average | not currently a member of the smoke spot confessional
crush :: to be decided by players

|| NAME: jay noel || AGE: eighteen || FC: taylor momsen || SENIOR || TAKEN ||
tough n quiet loner with a friendly heart | b average | member of the smoke spot confessional
crush :: none

|| NAME: tiffany anderson || AGE: fifteen || FC: sky ferreira || FRESHMAN || TAKEN ||
the spoiled princess | b average | not currently a member of the smoke spot confessional
crush :: to be decided by players

|| NAMES: ______ and ______ gladwell || AGES: sixteen and sixteen || FCs: elle fanning and alice englert || FRESHMAN || both RESERVED ||
the inseparable twins | b+ and c+ average | not currently members of the smoke spot confessional
crushes :: to be decided by players


[font=georgia][b]|| The Sheet ||
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[center][font=book antiqua][color=#69A1B7][size=300]FULL NAME HERE[/size][/color][/font]
[font=Georgia][size=90][b][url=theme song url here][i]Theme Song Title[/i] || Band[/url]
[img]image of character here[/img]
[color=#69A1B7][i]age here || nationality here || "nicknames" here[/i][/color][/b][/font][/size]
[img]image of your character[/img]
"Optional Character Quote."
[i][b]gender here[/b][/i]
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[i][b]birthdate here[/b][/i]
[color=#69A1B7]|Sexual Preference|[/color]
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[i][b]sexuality here[/b][/i]
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[i][b]grade here[/b][/i]
[color=#69A1B7]|Smoking Spot Confessional Status|[/color]
"Optional Character Quote"
[i][b]d]member or not[/b][/i]
[color=#69A1B7]|Secrets and Scandal|[/color]
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[i][b]a few secrets or scandals of the character here[/b][/i]
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The Story So Far... Write a Post » as written by 8 authors

Characters Present

Character Portrait: Roland "Rory" Jameson Character Portrait: Azalea "Zee" Jameson

0.00 INK

MONDAY, december second
what's my age again | BLINK 182
hell song | SUM 41

17 || crush: tba || cigarettes smoked: .3
rory shoved out of east high's crowded hallways for the first time for a lunch break
since thanksgiving break began a week and a half ago. his footsteps followed him, big
and deceptively loud, out of the building. they ghosted him to the high fences around
east high school and off campus to the seven eleven on colfax, one of the big mean
streets of america, although it was more of an everyday nuisance to roland. he
dodged being asked for a cigarette by a passerby and ducked into the convenience
store. he walked up to the counters, bought a spare lighter (thank god they didn't
ID him for it, stores had started a nasty habit of doing that lately)
and a can of tea.
he shoved the backup lighter into his back pocket, and ducked out behind the back of
the seven eleven to light up a cigarette, let the freezing wind blow through him for a
long moment. he didn't inhale the first drag all the way, mostly paper it tasted terrible,
but after that he took one long drag off the cigarette and held it before exhaling long as
he moved to cross the street back to east high. he took the back way around the school,
to the place that was not 'the smoke spot' but 'a smoke spot' which provided more
space and a more social area for the smokers of east high than The Smoke Spot itself.
picking his sister out of the crowd, rory immediately called and walked over to her.

"Hey, Zee, over here!"

born to die | LANA DEL RAY
15 || crush: tba || cigarettes smoked: .5
"Hey, Zee, over here!"
zee heard her brother's voice from across the small parkinglot that served as a more
public smoke spot than the smoke spot itself. she didn't let the neutral look fall from
her face and turned to look at rory with dark, indifferent eyes. she took a drag off the
marlboro clutched between her fingers as she swayed to meet her brother halfway
between the places they'd been standing. she looked him up and down in greeting and
he did the same to her. a little 'who have you been with, who are you going to see'
that they always did to each other, a precaution, almost. not because they distrusted
one another but because they trusted each other's tiny judgments so much. zee knew
this and identified it quickly. they didn't have to really say hello, they were years past
that between them. rory pulled at the cigarette between his lips and released curling
white smoke for a long moment.

"I think we should try to find a friend or two and smoke up, yeah?"
zee said, smirking at her brother. her brother instantly nodded.
"Hell yeah. I need to not be sober for a goddamn minute, Mr. Blitch is driving me nuts,"
rory said in response. they peered around for any of the people they knew smoked
green and made almost identical lip biting searching motions.

Characters Present

Character Portrait: Roland "Rory" Jameson Character Portrait: Dania Keller Character Portrait: Azalea "Zee" Jameson

0.00 INK

Monday, December 2nd.

As soon as the bell sounds Dania doesn't waste a minute getting to her locker, packing her books into her over-sized purse and getting the hell out of the building. There was never anyone waiting for her after classes but everyday after ninth period the girl would religiously make a pilgrimage to the parking lot at the rear of the school and take out her lighter and a cigarette.

Dania took a drag, savoring the sinful salvation, and exhaled with a heave that made it seem as if she had the world on her shoulders.
"God, this place sucks." She spoke aloud as she sat on a bike rack and buried her face in her hands.

It'd been two weeks since Dania had been attending school at East High, and almost a month since she'd started living in the Denver and she hated it. This wasn't her home, and these people sure as hell weren't her friends. She knew starting over new was going to be tough, but the one thing that shook her more than that was that she had no clue where to start. No one wants to be friends with a drunk with no redeeming qualities she thought as she took another drag of her Natural American Spirit cigarette.

After gaining her composure at bit more, Dania looked up from her palms and spotted an underclassmen she'd seen around a few times with a marlboro between her lips. She was a bit taken back, she'd never expect the petite girl to bey that type but then again she did always walk around with a look of great indifference masking whatever it is she smokes those cigarettes to cope with. Next to her was a tall and lanky boy who was looking around appraising his surroundings acutely. The two seemed like a strange duo, so she kept her sights on them for a while in an effort to lull her boredom.

Characters Present

Character Portrait: Charles L. Graystone

0.00 INK

Charles Louis Graystone
Comatose || Skillet

| Location | Side of School
| Action | Smoking, Walking
| Date | Monday, December 2nd

Sighing, could be heard from the young male smoking a cigarette on the side of the school, making his way but taking his time to the back of the school. Another lonely day for Charles it would bother someone but, not him. He was used to being alone, he had been alone all of his life so, it doesn't bother him at all. There is no one arguing with him, pestering him with stupid questions, and making him sick with their nasty germs. Shaking those bothersome thoughts away from his mindset. Right now, he wanted to get to his destination. That was where he went whenever he needed sometime alone from being by people, he hated school for that reason. It had living things that could breathe, talk, and react to what he says. He truly hates it.

After getting to his spot -to the back of the school- finishing up the cigarette he had when he first started walking, he threw that to the side and crushed it on the ground. Throwing his backpack beside him, ignoring all around him, he focused on the cold and no sign of life to pester with him. Without anything else to do out there in the cold, he grabbed one of his already rolled up and fixed together greens and brought it against his mouth and lite it up. He's gotten so used to some of the weeds that he can't even tell if he's high or just mad.

He was surprised his grades were still at a high standard, by how much weed and smokes he has smoked by now, he'd thought he's be as dumb as a nut but, he guess his body just wasn't having any of that. Looking around, he was surprised that many people haven't discovered his little spot yet, he'd usually come here before school, during lunch, and after school. This was a great spot to smoke, and no one would ever think to pass by where he was because, they'd believe that it was more of a creepy spot than a hang out spot. Today was going to be like every other day. Hopefully.

Characters Present

Character Portrait: Charles L. Graystone Character Portrait: Tiffany Bridget Anderson

0.00 INK



That morning had gone so slow, all day she had been trying to get out of her classes, she just couldn't be bothered that morning. Tiffany usually wasn't too fussed about getting up early in the mornings for school, it was usually just another thing, she would awake, go to class and go home but there was one big thing that was making her lose her motivation, she needed a smoke, she hadn't smoked in about 2 weeks, she couldn't get them on her own as she always got id'd and she didn't know anyone who could get her some. Rich people problems eh? she thought as she flicked her old lighter just watching the sparks as she leaned up against the wall around the side of the school in her designer clothing.

What was a girl too do, her predicament was made even worse with the fact she hadn't had weed in even longer. She just wanted to let her hair down, not be so prim and proper for once. She still wanted to be above everyone and be center of attention but man she just wanted to party. Then she saw a guy just up the path from her, her head became slightly excited because she could smell what he was smoking. She tried her best not to get excited and give off this aura of superiority. She had seen the guy around before, never spoken to him but he was kinda cute. She just looked at him and gave a small wave hoping he'd notice and give her a drag.

Characters Present

Character Portrait: Roland "Rory" Jameson Character Portrait: Azalea "Zee" Jameson Character Portrait: Samantha Maria Hale Character Portrait: Nathan Reese

0.00 INK

#, as written by Robbhus
Nathan Reese
|| Monday 2nd of December || Leaving class || The parking lot ||

School was basically a torture chamber prettified with nice words. People came in, got 'intelligent' and were then thrown on the street to make a living. It was like they were moving sheep from one place to the other, taking stops a couple places on the way. It wasn't 'education', it was pointing out the differences in people, and either praising or hating them for it. Nathan's case was the latter. Not a big surprise though, mass media said that muscles were hot, and then people just followed the trend. Fuck the system, but that was the world, and that's how it worked.

Eventually however, the nightmare referred to as a class ended, and he was already in a shit mood. The day went like any other day, no popularity, no case of everyone surrounding you for a little bit of your attention, nothing. At the best, he was just ignored. It had been so tempting to just jump out of the window to leave the nightmare, though it wasn't as easy as it sounded. He wasn't a delinquent, he just hated homework and tests, it was just systems used to make sure that everyone ended up entirely the same, whatever kind of good they expected to find in that.

ImageLeaving class wasn't fully as bad as entering, though it wasn't a dance on roses either. People pushing in the halls was bad enough, but when being straight out sexually harassed in the halls, it was practically too much. Seeing freshman banging the air just as a form of mockery, it was more tempting to stay at home.

After brutally throwing the books in the locker and picking up his jacket, Nathan quickly moved towards the front doors. While seniors, juniors and even some sophomores giving friendly waves, it was pretty amazing really that his 'secret' still had yet to be leaked. Or, it was leaking, it just hadn't reached very fast yet seeing that most freshmen had little contact with the upperclassmen, at least from his view. There were naturally exceptions, but he had yet to get an impression of good contact across the classes. It was like social grades or economic grades really.

After getting out of campus ground, it didn't take long before the zippo was found in one of the pockets of the neutral black messenger bag, as well as the 20-pack, now with less than ten cigarettes left. During the last few days, he had burned through them quicker than usually, pretty much just finishing one for then to go over to the next one. He opened the pack and pulled out the pack. Inside of it, there was a 5-grams pack of weed as well, he had bought it, but he hadn't had the guts to smoke it. Either that, or he was simply waiting for a moment where he felt depressed enough.

The blue hair cheered him up a little, he had pretty much just finished to fix it after it arrived in the mail. It had been easy to work with and all, it was just getting the color he wanted that had been taking like forever. he walked up to the parking lot for a hood to sit on, and quite quickly noticed Rory and Zee standing at one point. It'd at least brighten up the day a little...

He walked up to them, one foot in front of the other and gave them a friendly nod before leaning back on to a lighting pole, not having anything better to stand by. "Hey" He said casually, though his voice was about as feminine as ever. And seeing he was pretty much an entirely different person, he wasn't even sure if they'd recognize him, though it'd be kind of funny if they didn't, in some twisted humor kind of way. He was pulling from the cigarette in not exactly a low speed, something that tended to happen when he was in a really bad mood. He could go through one a minute and end up smoking for the next twenty minutes if it suited him.


Samantha Maria Hale
|| Monday 2nd of December || Gambling, smoking || Classroom, The parking lot ||

The class was surprisingly fun, but it was mainly because she was in a bet with another person in the classroom. The teacher they had tended to yawn a lot while talking and / or writing, which made a fun bet. They were both going to count how many times he yawned, for then to see which one was more correct, having the help from another person in class to count. Regardless of if she counted right or not, it was simply the one that was closest that won.

The class ended eventually and they grouped up.

"Seventeen" the girl said. "Twenty-one" Samantha replied. "Twenty" Said the controller, and Samantha laughed, getting both a pack of cigarettes as well as 200 dollars, 100 which was her own stake. "Better luck next time?" She asked with a slight grin. The girl shrugged casually while getting her backpack. "Eh, doesn't bother me, there's plenty of others" Samantha replied before leaving the room with a simple black coat thrown over her shoulder.

The parking lot was crowded, just like always. People were either smoking or hanging out with those who was smoking, it wasn't that much of a system really. She brushed some of her hair aside while walking. It was a bit chilly, so she ended up with pulling the coat on herself as well, closing it.

She lit a cigarette in silence and simply looked at all the others, quite many today actually. There actually appeared to be some new people as well, which wasn't all too common.

Characters Present

Character Portrait: Roland "Rory" Jameson Character Portrait: Azalea "Zee" Jameson Character Portrait: Kirk Williams Character Portrait: Nathan Reese

0.00 INK

Kirk Williams

|| Monday 2nd of December || Leaving class, Smoking || Classroom, Parking lot, Smoke Spot ||

Walking out of class, Kirks hands were dug deep in his pocket as a scowl cascaded over his face. Kirk thought to himself with antipathy fuck this asshole teacher. “Oh Mr. Williams your late why don’t you get some extra work.” He imitated under his breath as he hurried down the hallway, pulling his hood up in a jerking movement.

“Young man please take your hood off in the building.”

Said a high pitched and soft but assertive voice as Kirk ignored her and kept on storming down the corridor. I need to go have a smoke Kirk said to himself as he was nearing his locker. whirling the lock angrily and miss entering the combination a few times, he managed to recover his back pack. Locking it once more he threw it on and continued down the flow of students. Looking up to see precisely how he was going to exit the building, he saw a beautiful blue haired girl storm out. Wow he thought to himself finally a decent looking girl, it’s about time. Which in turn cheered him up a bit as he was bumped into by a freshman who said something like “Fuck you.” As he passed; Kirk followed him, and said “Bitch.” Just another day of school Kirk thought as he busted through the door to the air that filled his body with delight

Continuing on to the parking lot to smoke and catch a friend or two as he noticed Rory standing beside his sister; Kirk looked at him for a couple seconds and then looked away in discomfiture as he said to himself I’m not gay. Looking at the others approaching he walked away still lethal to a place to relax.

Sitting on one of the chairs in the smoke spot he rolled up a joint on his lap, and brought it up to his face. He wet the paper and lit the end.

Characters Present

Character Portrait: Dani Leiber

0.00 INK

Dani Leiber


It was Monday, the second of December. Dani forced herself to get out of bed. Another crappy day. She grabbed her towel off of her dresser and dragged her feet into her bathroom. Once the hot water was running in the shower, her day was slightly more bearable. She felt wide awake once she got out.

Dani glanced at her window. It looks like it's going to be cold today... She opened her dresser drawers to find a pair of her dark skinny jeans. With those, she put on a blue long-sleeved shirt. To keep her feet warm, she put on a pair of her Ugg boots. I'm missing something. She stood in front of her full mirror and tried to figure out what it was she was missing. Oh! My scarf... She rolled her eyes and grabbed a matching knitted scarf and wrapped it around her neck. Her eyes looked over her overall appearance in the mirror once more. Satisfied, she gave herself a small nod and grabbed her backpack. "Father, I'm leaving for school!" she called out before walking out the door.

Dani walked down the street from her house. She was too young to drive and her dad was too busy working to drive her to school. Her mind was set on getting to school on time. Regardless of whether she liked it or not, she knew it was something that had to get done, so she was always sure to do as she needed. She hated cold winter days, especially since she had to walk. It made everything feel much more miserable. She looked at the sky. At least it didn't look too bad.

Oncee she got to the school, she made her way around to the side of one of the buildings. She never attended class fully sober. In her backpack was a small medicine bottle with little green buds in it. At the bottom of her bag was a small glass pipe. She pulled it out and broke up the green buds until she had enough in the bowl. Her father smoked cigarettes, so he always had lighters on hand, which Dani would often steal. He questioned her every once in a while, but he figured he must have misplaced them in the end, letting Dani off the hook. She sparked a small flame and hovered it right above the bowl, inhaling slowly, but deeply to take in the smoke. Dani was sure to hold it for a while before releasing it in a stream through her pink glossed lips. She examined the bowl to see how much she had left. That should be another hit and then I'm done. She lit it up one more time and slowly inhaled all of the smoke to repeat the process of holding it in and releasing it. The eye drops were already in her hand. She quickly squeezed a drop into each eye before putting the medicine bottle, pipe, and eye drops back in her bag and walking around the corner to enter the school. And now to get on with it... She pretended like no one was there as she made her way to her first class.

Characters Present

Character Portrait: Roland "Rory" Jameson Character Portrait: Jay Noel Character Portrait: Azalea "Zee" Jameson Character Portrait: Kirk Williams Character Portrait: Nathan Reese

0.00 INK

Jay Noel

Jay closed her eyes, breathing the crisp cold air. She let her mind wander for a bit and forgot where she was for a second. Then she slowly opened her eyes and looked at her surroundings. Teenagers were passing by her to enter the school building, a couple glancing at her while walking. Might as well go inside She thought; noticing the cold was starting to go through her clothes. Jay stood up and walked inside the building, the warm air hitting her. She strolled through the hallways looking ahead. Why don't I just smoke a blunt before heading to class? she thought, and walked outside.

As soon as was outside, she saw Rory and Zee was there so she began walking in between some people. As she was walking she notices someone with quite pretty blue hair leaning on a pole next to them. Might as well go introduce myself and finally reached them. "I love your hair" Jay smiled at the girl.

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Welcome home, Promethean. Here, you can manage your universe.


Arcs are bundles of posts from any location, allowing you to easily capture sub-plots which might be spread out across multiple locations.


You can create Quests with various rewards, encouraging your players to engage with specific plot lines.

Add Setting » 1 Settings for your players to play in

Settings are the backdrop for the characters in your universe, giving meaning and context to their existence. By creating a number of well-written locations, you can organize your universe into areas and regions.


While not required, locations can be organized onto a map. More information soon!

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There are no groups in this roleplay!


By creating Collectibles, you can reward your players with unique items that accentuate their character sheets.


You can schedule events for your players to create notifications and schedule times for everyone to plan around.

The Forge

Use your INK to craft new artifacts in The Smoke Spot. Once created, Items cannot be changed, but they can be bought and sold in the marketplace.

Notable Items

No items have been created yet!

The Market

Buy, sell, and even craft your own items in this universe.

Market Data

Market conditions are unknown. Use caution when trading.

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