the solar systemCharles Shortwater

"Violence in unnecessary; though the sword may be used in place of conversation, a peaceful solution is always there, and the power of words cannot be denied."

a character in “The solar systems truest story”, as played by SkyRight

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Name: Charles Shortwater
Age goes here: 22
Gender: Male
Position: Prince of Jupiter
Orientation: Bisexual. Secretly interested in Calix. Has also shown some interest in Holly, but is unsure of his feelings.

details on looks: Like most in his race, Charles is very short. He always wears a small pair of glasses, and often wears formal clothes. On his back, he has a large burn scar from an incident in his childhood. This is probably related to the reason he dislikes fire, but he rarely talks about the event. He has a childish look about him, but can actually be very mature, and can even sound like an old man sometimes.

Personality: Charles is a genius beyond his years. He enjoys spending countless hours in the libraries, learning secrets of science and technology. . He is a very kind person, and a firm believer that the pen is mightier than the sword. However, he is willing fight if there no alternative. Sadly, despite his skills in social etiquette, Charles' personality has made him a bit of an outcast in his race. He often feels lonely, but he always does his best, and tries to help whenever he can. Good natured, Charles is very polite, and tries to be friendly. However, Charles does not trust the power of magic, seeing it as too unpredictable, or hard to control. Instead, he prefers to use science, and technology to solve his problems.

skills: Unlike most of his race, Charles knows little about the arts of war. However, he is a master musician, and diplomat, and is regarded as a genius in invention. For self defense, he has some training with firearms, and greatly prefers using guns over any other kind of weapon.

Likes: Sand, chronometers, water, tea, Calix (Hasn't told anyone yet), leeks, music, peace, Holly
Dislikes: The color red, fire, contact lenses, violence, blood, magic,

Fears: Heights, Being short his whole life, fire, contact lenses, tall people, violence,
Hobbies: Inventing, teatime, playing music, reading, studying, diplomacy,

History: Charles has always been a bit of an outcast among his people. Since he was a child, he spent most of his time in study, or in diplomatic meetings, never really having time for friends. Though loved for his inventions and his natural kindness, he is often misunderstood, or not understood at all. Still, he loves his people, and devoted almost all his life to improving their lifestyles with his research, and discoveries. He also spends much of his time trying to make peace between Venus and Jupiter. Sadly, their bitter feud forces him to hide his recently found love for their prince, Calix.

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Charles Shortwater's Story