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The Special Ones » Places

Places in The Special Ones

This is a list of locations that can be found in The Special Ones.

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California's Academy for Superhuman Children

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Darren Veda

Hexcode: #808080 || Location: Sam's dorm

He didn't expect to see her again let alone recognize her.
He was like-what-14 when they met.It was the end of middle school and he was packing for California.To be fair,she did look dreary,but not that dreary.
The bags under her eyes looked heavier than he remembered;she was paler-much paler,in fact;the light of life seemed to be drained from every inch of her skin;her nails,her lips,the roots of her hair..She looked..
She looks like a mess.
He sighed.

He then turned back to the girl in front of him,Evie,and nodded at her.
"You know what?" He put his cup down on table, "I think it's time we blow this joint.I hope you don't mind making it out on your own,I have something else to do first."
He smiled briefly and then turned back to Toni and approached her.

Toni Ruth

Hexcode: #004080 || Location: Sam's dorm

When the lights went out,Toni didn't know that she was headed towards the party.She was just searching for the light.The atmosphere in the room she entered was heady,but at least she wasn't alone.
And almost as if confirming the fact,she thought she heard someone call her name.


She looked up.And as her eyes struggled to adjust to the dim lighting and the speed of the movement when she jerked her head up,her vision cleared up and she saw a dude walking towards her with his eyebrows knit.
"I knew it was you.Come on,let's get back to your room."

With the help of her directions,once they got to her dorm,the guy sat her down on her bed and sat on the one across from her.
He seemed to be trying to figure out the words to say for a moment and then regained his composure.
"Now,I'll get straight to the point.Toni,I know you probably don't even remember me in any way.But I just wanna know what you're doing here and why you're looking like that-are you ok?Did someone drug you or something?"

As he was babbling like this,she felt faint melancholy coming from an uncertain direction.It started to shake heat into her like that feeling she earned in the hallway just earlier.She felt her eyes wet all of a sudden and her palms were sweaty,knees weak,arms spaghetti,lucky she hasn't puked on her sweater already.
That's besides the point,she just felt.She didn't know what or how nor why,but she really felt.And she couldn't control it.
Next thing you know,all she emitted was a mere sniffle and a shaky soft soprano mutter:
"It hurts."