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the story of SEVEN.

the story of SEVEN.

as told by you. Starting with the origins of the seventh coven.

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You can…


Whoever you are, wherever you come from and however well you write - this is your opportunity to join the seventh coven.
This is an ever-changing and ever-growing rp so please bare with us and feel free to contribute as much or as little as you'd like.

the story of SEVEN.

What do you know about the seventh coven?
There are so many mysteries.. and so many origins.
It's difficult to tell where the truth lies.
Please go the Undisclosed location to be welcomed into this rp properly.
• Applications always open •
must include name, age and faceclaim at the very minimum.
☽ ✲

C h a r a c t e r s
- to be edited/ updated.
please watch this space -


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Character Portrait: Erana Coudriet Erana is one of the very founders of the seventh coven.
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Undisclosed by sundayakasha

You hold the story of seven in the palm of your hand. What happens now?

The lore of the seventh coven.

The lore of the seventh coven. by sundayakasha

Use this thread to keep track of the lore and important occurrences.

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(OOC - Okay, you know what? Screw it. I don't care that the author of this RP is dead, but I see it as having promise and so I would like to try to continue it. Maybe Sundayakasha might even come back. Anyone else in this RP, feel free to join in.)

Jenniffer sat alone in the library, reading.
It was one of the only things her father allowed her to do. After one incident involving a rather attractive boy, she wasn't allowed to interact with any male peoples. She resented him for it. Then again, she resented him for a lot of things.
She could read, write, paint and mess around on her phone, but only for videos and pictures. Her dad had an app to watch her activities. She wasn't allowed to have any friends. She had quite a few crushes, since she was, after all, an 18-year old girl, but Father would make sure she never carried any of them out. Thus, she read.
It was one of those boring old 19th century books, about some random chick in a prim dress travelling around the USA and interacting with polite, handsome gentlemen. They were extremely boring, but they were the only things her father would let her read. Another reason for hatred.
Her father walked up to her. "All right, Jenniffer, your time is up. Let's go. Put the book back." He never let her check out any books; he was not one for the fine arts.
"Alright, Father," Jenniffer said politely. She got off the chair and walked over to the shelves to put the book back. Father went out the doors to go start the car up.
As she put the book back, something caught her eye. It was a very large book, big enough that it looked like it could be used as a doorstopper. It also didn't look like anything that a prim and perfect lady would be reading. Someone must have misplaced it onto the wrong shelf, she thought. Well, I'll just do them a favor and put it back on the right place.
She picked up the book. It was quite heavy, and she gave a quiet grunt when she hefted it off the shelf. The cover was made of what appeared to be worn leather, and it felt oddly warm to the touch. In ancient ink, a title was printed on the cover in French. It read, "Les Origines du Septième Coven". She happened to take Latin classes at her school, and was able to translate the title to "The Origins of the Seventh Coven".
The title sent a shiver down her spine. It sounded decidedly gothic to her. However, she got some sort of strange sense of foreboding while holding it. Was it the odd warmness? The way the cracked leather cover seemed to her to hold secrets that should never be known?
Outside, she heard her father honk the horn. Without thinking, she deftly slipped the book into her backpack. Her father would hopefully assume it was just another textbook; he hadn't done backpack searches in years.
She ran out of the library and got in the car. Her father scowled at you. "What took you so long?"
"I was putting a book back on the shelf it belonged on. Someone had misplaced it," she replied carefully, hiding her odd fear.
Father nodded. "Good girl. It's good to see you helping the community."
"Thank you, Father." You bastard, she added in her mind.
The car drove away back towards her home.

(OOC - your turn.)

the story of SEVEN.: Out Of Character (OOC)

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the story of SEVEN.

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