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The story of Yokai

The story of Yokai

Welcome to the World of Yokai! A place where all can live in peace- or hatred, either one is fine. Who are you? What do you do? What do you want to achieve here? The destruction of Humanity? Or a drink of Sake and a few tricks on unfortunate souls?

969 readers have visited this universe since AphoticDreams created it.
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Are you here to stay? Wonderful! This is Ōbokeyōkai; a lovely town, isn't it? A total of two hundred Yokai live here- not accurate, since that was documented, thousands could have arrived. Would you be interested in joining one of the many clans? Or even making one yourself? Of course, that would mean the possibility of death, the other clans aren't so kind to the new ones.

We have everything you could ever want. From the humans to play with to the waters to dwell in. Of course, there are plenty of roads to other places if you wish to move, but, let's hope that isn't the case.

A quick warning, there has been rumors of Onmyōji coming and going. Be careful when going about your business as a Yokai, those Shikigami of theirs are quite the annoyance. If you see any Wara ningyō , destroy them immediately, but not before making sure what and who it protects from, we would all rather not have the Shokuryū or the Ōtakemaru on our tails.

If you are to see or awaken any unknown Yokai that we do not appreciate, at with extreme prejudice and discrimination, you don't want to be labeled a traitor, do you?

The Story Of Yokai is set in the beginning of the Edo Period, 1603, roughly in the Autumn. And is set in Ōbokeyōkai of the Tokushima Prefecture. History knowledge is irrelevant as long as bits of research is done. Christianity has begun to emerge in this time, as well has Western inventions and concepts. Only certain Yokai are affected by these facts, such as shape-shifting Yokai and the Onnas'.

Anyone can either run along with the main story line or make their own just be sure to identify which with character tags.

Characters can either be Yokai or Onmyōji, or even humans with connections to Yokai!

This RP is essentially a free world!


Well, Rules aren't a thing Yokai follow so this will be quick:
  • Romance is allowed but keep s suitable
  • Swearing is most definitely allowed but it is preferred if not or done in Japanese or exchanged words such as Fudge or Bench.
  • Respect!... You can have hate towards another character, especially if said character is an enemy towards your specific Yokai species or clan, but please, at least notify the RPer of said character first if they are in the same story line as you or intersecting story lines.
  • Always ask someone whether or not you ca kill them.
  • No God Yokai!!!
  • No Godmodding
  • If there is a fight, don't always hit the other or defeat them, your character is not all powerful!
  • Anyone breaking these simple laws will be taken out.
  • Clans can lay down other rules

If you are to make a clan, please, contact me and I will make you a clan location with the wished requirements, such as picture and description.

This RP is set in the 1600's, make it suitable.

No need to request for character slots, just make them.

Any questions, ask in the question topic.

If you need help with a character or you would like to post a character sheet, put it in the Character topic.

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Character Portrait: Itami Hiratake Okuri Inu, the Sending-Off Dog
Character Portrait: Tohou Gesshou "A fox's tail is not easily hidden" -Chinese Proverb
Character Portrait: Umeko Shimizu "With all this time I've been given, I want to spend it with someone."
Character Portrait: Shiori
Shiori played by CabbageAngel
A sentient carpet, waking up for the first time.
Character Portrait: Dongfang Yuechu "If the Yokai dies, the Pledge of Eternal Love ends"

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Tú Shān

Tú Shān by AphoticDreams

Home to the Tusan Spirit Fox Clan and kǔ qíng shù, Tree of Bitter Love.


Japan by AphoticDreams

The home of all Yokai, many have travelled for years upon years and have ended up in Ōbokeyōkai, one of the first of the Yokai villages.

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Character Portrait: Itami Hiratake Character Portrait: Tohou Gesshou Character Portrait: Shiori
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Shiori held out her hands in front of her, catching the fluttering pink petals in her open palms. She grinned, tilting her chin up to catch one on the bridge of her nose, then upsetting its balance by chuckling.

"Oh," she uttered, looking back between the two male Yokai in disappointment, "We missed it?" Curse these shoes, so difficult and slow to walk in! She shook off her disappointment and her eyes lit up eagerly once more, "What is there to do after the ceremony?" Hm... come to think of it, the tree would be free to climb, now... there was an almost greedy glint in her eye as she considered that thought.


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Character Portrait: Itami Hiratake Character Portrait: Tohou Gesshou Character Portrait: Shiori
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It wasn't long before the trio were technically back in Tu Shan, the winding path leading up to the village was long for humans, but yokai lived for centuries and in the grand scheme of thing it was but a brisk walk between Tu Shan and the Ōbokeyōkai. "Most yokai aren't allowed at this particular ceremony. It wouldn't do to have the Bakufu angry with my Clan, and the Onmyoji frothing at the mouth for a chance to earn clout." Touhou's reply was pragmatic, but not necessarily thoughtful. His thoughts were occupied with what was in his pipe, and the remaining bits of the ceremony.

"Yes, it seems I managed to escape the most boring parts." The fox smiled slyly, it had been accidental but he was certainly glad for it. "Speaking of your area, be sure to come get me for Hyakki Yagyō (Night Parade of One Hundred Demons); I've been meaning to go a little wild. All work and no play makes for a very dull Kitsune."

Shiori's comment clarified the old matchmaker's thoughts a bit and he furrowed his brow in concentration. "There's still a reception going on under the Kǔqíng shù, if I'm not mistaken, something like Sake, and a feast. Though, there's also the Yokai Okashi Omise (Demon Candy House) and uh..." Touhou's thoughts clouded again as he took a long pull from his pipe before exhaling, the smoke forming an 'O' shape as it passed from his mouth. "The Antiku Kojo (Antique Workshop) is also worth a look, if you're into the kind of stuff, rare finds often pass in and out of their hands... The Hidzuke Le (Dating House)? Since you're a lone yokai, maybe you'd find a Clan worth joining there."

Gesshou-san tapped out his pipe, it wouldn't do to get lost in the past right now, before sliding it back into his sleeves and replacing it with his Sensu (Folding Fan). "I suppose it's really up to where your interests lie, the Kurai Tsuki Guards may be willing to entertain a sparring or magical lesson, if you're more the violent type."

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