The Storymasters: A Story Untold

The Storymasters: A Story Untold


Humanity is trying to help win the fight against the ultimate evil in this thrilling tale about what it means and takes to be human.

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In 2XXX, on a planet that used to be called "Earth", an event some call the beginning of the end happened. An observation station located just outside of the planet's atmosphere located an energy signature that could not be traced to any particular known source. This energy signature eventually turned out to be a portal to another dimension, where things thought only to be imaginary existed. Soon after the discovery of this portal, dark creatures of all shapes and sizes emerged, they where violent and deadly, and headed straight for the planet. These "dark creatures" have trouble being seen in daylight, though to date there have been none of them that can withstand the sun indefinitely. Eventually, the humans on this planet created suits of light that they can use to fight the dark creatures, and as such everyone eventually adopted the suits. To face a dark creature without a suit meant certain death or being "turned", as the dark creatures could inhabit a body and turn the human. Once turned, these humans can be brought back with prolonged exposure to either artificial light or regular light from the sun, but this is very hard as some of the turned humans seem to know this, so they remain hidden.

One of the humans, name unknown guessed that this portal existed, and as such he held a position looking for it. Once found, he began his efforts in helping the humans resist the darkness and hold a resistance. Further examination of the portal concluded that no human could go through it, as there seemed to be another energy source that automatically freezes any creature of sentience. Eventually the humans discovered that robot's could easily pass through, and so a team built a robot just for this purpose alone.

Once through, reports have shown that there exists another cluster of universes like our own inside. Creating a small base of operations on a huge planet some call "Planet 1", humans began exploring the surface and noting everything of important. It was there the first intelligent being was met. This character expressed sentience so they began trying to communicate with this being, all met with success. Once a bond was established and the terms settled, the humans began helping this being conquer the darkness that had leaked through the portal into their world, as it seemed to exist in Planet 1's universe also.

It is now known that humans can exist in this universe, but only for short periods of time, as it requires them to focus their minds to create a sort of projection of themselves. The humans back in the original universe call this "Diving", and created rooms where they could dive for extended periods of time. It is now known that humans can create objects also, but just like the projections of themselves the objects can be unstable, dissolving after they are made. Only those with the strongest minds and willpower can create lasting structures, but since it takes a tremendous amount of energy and is very draining, humans usually only make objects with their mind as a last resort. The rest is made using Planet 1's own natural resources.

Eventually, the same human that predicted the presence of the portal predicted that they would run into more beings like the one they first met and after this prediction, they did. One by one, the fairy tails and myths of legends began showing up, eventually leading to the creation of a base of operations that they could use to hold them. It is noted that some of the beings do not seem to age in this universe, while some do.

Sadly, there also where incidents where there were some humans that began abusing their ability to "dive", and thus began going after their own motives and wants. There have been some beings taken over by this method, to which there is no known way to bring them back, other than killing the human in our universe or the being forcing them from their mind of their own willpower. This divided the humans into a few different groups:

Those that support the organization that founded the base, called: [Blank]
Those that support themselves, called: [Also blank]
Those that don't know who they want to support, called: [Mc. Blankity blank blank]

Rifts began appearing across Planet 1's surface and as new technology prevailed, the base discovered that these rifts lead to other dimensions and realms where some of the characters resided. In a few of these realms, materials could be taken back to Planet 1's realm and in some of them, they couldn't. Some of the realms contained characters that seemed to be caught in what we now call "Loops", as the stories and histories of the characters seem to repeat, as if stuck on the same track until forced from it. The base began helping those whose stories where caught in a destructive loop, while the ones that where deemed harmless where left alone. The rescuers that saved the characters where eventually given a Title: Storymaster. It is now a high ranking position within the base's organization, and as such to become a Storymaster is a prestigious position within the community.

Currently the fight to suppress the darkness is still going on, with both sides having great losses and wins.

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While inside the "Normal" human universe with the light suits, it is suggested that you reflect your real-life experiences to make the roleplaying a little easier, such as, if you are eating cake in RL, post that you are eating cake here.

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