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"My pack, is my family."

a character in “The Stray Life”, as played by xCrossX21

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Character Fighter
Age 2 years
Gender Male
Breed. He's a Siberian Husky mixed with Wolf, and Malamute.
Pack North

Appearance Aspen, like a typical husky has bright icey blue eyes, with long smoothe black and white fur. The fur on his upper part of his body seems darker, while the fur on the lower part of his body fades into a light shade of grey, including the tail. However, the tip of his tail goes back to the usual dark shade of black, and is slightly curved, like that of a wolf. His stomach, is pure white, and makes its way up to his neck, and eventually his face. The fur around his eyes though, are black which helps his blue eyes to stand out. His legs are mostly white, which are long and powerful. If you compare him to a normal husky, he appears slightly bigger, due to the fact that he carries the wolf trait. His ears are perfectly pointed up, with no flaws, and has long canine teeth.
Aspen's nose looks like a dark shade of brown out in the sun, while it looks normally black in dark or shaded areas. His claws are very sharp, which helps when he's running (such as making turns), and fighting. The power of his jaws are unusually strong, which can easily break somone's leg bones.
Markings Aspen doesnt have any weird or stray markings. His fur pattern is exactly that of a husky and a wolf. However, he has a small scar over his eyes, which had pretty much faded out of view. Though if you look at it closely, you can still see the scar.

Personality Aspen has a laid-back attitude, and likes to keep things simple. He's nice and caring towards the ones who are close to him, but at the same time, can be cold and hateful towards his enemies. However, he isnt the type who views others for how they look, or where they're from. He's very understanding, and gets to know someone first before judging them. Even if someone does something mean and hateful, he could never stay mad at someone for too long. Forgive and forget... that's what he always tells himself (but if there's anyone or anything he cant forgive.. it's humans).
Aspen is open-minded, so you can always go tell him what's on your mind. Although he probably wont give you the answer, he'll help you find it on your own. Towards newcomers, he's very friendly, and tries his best to keep them comfortable. In another words, it's very easy to get along with him, as long as you dont get on his bad side.
He doesnt enjoy killing, and fighting, but he would, if he really has to. Meanwhile, he prefers not to see bloodshed. It just brings more.
Fears It may seem like there's really nothing that scared him, but Aspen is terribly scared of whips, or anything that resembles one (such as ropes, chains, etc.), and tight close spaces, such as cages (Caves are fine, as long as they have a lot of space.) Before he became a stray, he used to live in a dog farm. The humans breeded any type of dogs they can get their hand on. There, he was kept in a cage all the time, with hardly no room to move around. His mother who tried escaping, and fighting back, was beat with a long whip. Eventually, they ended up hitting him too, straight across his eyes (which is how he got the scar).

-Watching the nightsky
-Cool weathers (not too hot & not too cold)
-Being around his pack
-Finding something to do
-Learning something new
-Being forced to do something
-Meaningless fights
-Death of those close to him
-Being unable to help
-Tight closed spaces
-Being locked up

Strengths As a fighter, Aspen is skilled at fighting and defending. His legs helps him to move quickly, and his sense of hearing is very strong. His long teeth also helps in battles, which why he's a great fighter. He's pretty good at hunting as well, but not as good as the hunters of the back. Even though he's still pretty young, Aspen knows when to fight, and when not to. Usually, he gives off a warning towards his enemy, when there is no need to fight. He can be pretty smart, so it's not good to underestimate him.
Weaknesses Sometimes, he just doesnt know how to give up. This can cause him to get into trouble, or get hurt badly.

Mini-biography As it was already mentioned above, Aspen was born in a dog farm. His mother was half husky and half wolf, while his father was half husky and half malamute. Aspen pretty spent his pup life in a tightly closed cage, with six other pups. He had never actually seen his father, but he did see his mother once or twice. That one time was when she was beat with a whip. When she became useless, they pretty much threw her away. When he was only 5 month old, he decided to run away. The cage was pretty worn out and old, so it didnt take much effort to chew open the door. He and 3 other pups, about the same age as him, ran off.
Aspen was quickly separated from the group, so he's not sure where the others had gone off too. Even as a 5 month old pup, he had strong long legs. He wandered around by himself, stealing food from the humans. He was caught, and brought into the pound once, but escaped easily. He just hates being locked up. Having a bit of wolf blood in him, he somehow survived the outside world, and didnt mind at all how he lived. When he was about 10 month old, he was found by the North Pack, and was gladly taken in. He had been their family ever since.

So begins...

Aspen's Story