Freedom,CaliforniaJohnathan Rhodes

"I'm proud of who I am. How about you?"

a character in “The Summer Runaways”, as played by DarknessToDeath23

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Johnathan Rhodes





What are you ashamed of:
For being a Bisexual Emo teen.

Black, Piercings, Nerd glasses, Hoodies, Plaid, Skinny jeans, and converse.

He's more to himself at sometimes, and is a more you stay out of my way, the more i'll stay out of yours type of person. He just doesn't like people getting in his personal business, not even his ungrateful, unloving parents. John tends to listen to music a lot so he is very musical, and can sing pretty good.

Being told he's doing something right
Playing guitar

His parents
Dream stoppers
Judgmental people
Light, bright colors
Being without the things he loves
At home
Being stuck somewhere he does not want to be

Being held down
Being caught in depression
Dying of suicide
To much pain

Being a guitar soloist
Being a music artist

Someone in the group

Never told someone he cuts himself

Theme Song:
Three Days Grace - Pain

So begins...

Johnathan Rhodes's Story

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She finally sees Vinny and smiles. She looks at all the people seeing that they're missing two more before their family a complete. "This so amazing...I didn't think you guys would come." She saids as she sits back down in her seat and eats the last bite of her pineapple pizza. Mmmm so good. Where are they? Let's see we need Pirece and Lucy. Then we can head back to our house. She thinks before getting a napkin and wipping her face from all grease.

She starts to hear music, not just music but pretty music. She turns to see a guy playing his guitar ans smiles before turning back to her friends "Wow,he's really good. Isn't he?" She asks as she taps her fingers to the music. She bits her lips from being over joyed just for see them all together again for old time sakes. She remembers then when they were younger as they sat in the same pizzaera talkin g to each other enjoying each others company. While she would kick her feet under the table and the person across from her would tell her to stop kicking them.

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"Ok ok. Put the guitar down and let's do it. I am not a child anymore I am a young adult. Ok,and young don't cry over a haunted....board,game,thing" She saids as she crosses her arms around her chest and looks at Pierce. "Since you're not afraid of anything then you go frist, Mr.Big man." She saids as a challenge and raises an eyebrow. She smiles knowing she a little afraid...ok scared out of her mind. Ghost are so wierd and strange but they're kind of like us. We're wierd and strange too. So let's do it. She thinks before flipping the board back over. Before she does she looks at her name that is right next to heart which was her sign.

"And I won't afraid at night either. If I do i will let you all throw me in the ice cold ocean as long as someones there to get me out. You with being legally blind at night and all. But other than that ask the board a question.