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"Yo, your rhythms are fake, pop those pills that you take, I'm gonna destroy your pride, while you take this song for a ride."

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Name: Vincent Belmont

Nickname: Vinny or his 'Rap' alias Vin-dication.



What are you ashamed of: Vinny was dealing drugs when he was jumped and he shot one of the guys in the head.

Style: Rapper

Personality: He thinks that he's the next Eminem. He even met the man himself. Vinny is often rude and disrespectful to people who think he's just talk. He nevers says a bad thing to a lady though. Unless that lady is rude and disrespectful to him first. He never tries to intigate with a woman, bad luck he believes. Vinny often stand in the corner trying to come up with raps. He also has a knack for finding stuff, whether its your wallet, to your car. If you lost it he finds it. Due to his living on the wrong side of the tracks; Vinny doesn't really trust anyone, not even his own mother.

Rap music
Rock music
Pop music
*coughs* weed
Sceamo music
and anything dealing with death

Not making it big
Dying is right up there

Making it big in the music industry
Finding a girl who can straighten him out.

Crush: Nobody right now

Secret: Vinny thinks the world is out to get him and stop him from being a famous rapper

Theme Song: "Sing for the Moment" By Eminem

History: Vinny grew up in a crappy apartment in south Detroit. His mother was working a dead end job in Walmart and his father never appeared in his life. He hung around the bad crew, got into fights, did drugs and failed in school. He has never known any other life. His mother had gotten married and his step father was abusive towards him. He got beat daily. He soon got stronger than his so called stepfather and beat his ass into the ground. He left home and lived on the streets. Vinny soon was picked up more times than he can count on his fingers. He picked a fight so he could spend the night in a cell, better be in jail than in the cold was his motto. The letter came to him through his P.O. box that he kept open by selling drugs. Vinny hopes that this fresh start can make him become big and stop living in severe poverty.

So begins...

Vinny Belmont's Story

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Vinny walked out of the holding cell and stretched. The cops hadn't figured out that he shot that guy yet and that was a long time ago. News cracked it up as gang violence. Which was kinda true, though he wasn't part of any gang. Vinny ditched the gun in the sewers and booked out of there fast. This was nothing new, a drug deal gone bad, yeah that was it was. "Vincent this is the 5th time this month we've had to toss you in that god forsaken cell, if you don't straighten up, we're gonna put you in real jail." Officer Bernacky said to Vinny as he collected his things. There wasn't many there a half pack of smokes, lighter, a legal pocket knife, his knock off Ipod, pad of paper,a pen, and about 200 bucks cash. It was the same speech every time. Nothing new, Vincent said he would and walked out. He walked to his post office to pick up his mail. Vincent went through it and the last letter his name was hand written on the the front. There was no return address on it. He tore it open and quickly read it.

"Holy fuck, I haven't heard from her in over 5 years. Why now?" Vincent said putting the letter in his pocket. He needed to get to Cali quick. He thought about the last time the gang was all together. He would have plenty of time to think on the way there. Now was the time to think how to get to Freedom. He could drive his beat up mustang or he could take a bus. He said screw it and took the mustang. His entire life was in that car. Though it had been broken into more times than Vinny could count. He started up his car and took off towards the local internet cafe. When he got there he printed directions to Freedom.

He took off and never looked back, 'I need this, I need to get away from all the bull that comes from this city.' Vinny said to himself. He grabbed his Eminem cd and put it in. He started to rap the entire way there. He lost himself in Eminems lyrics, and soon drove all the way there. When he reached the outskirts he pulled out the letter and the picture. It surprised him that his mom even cared enough to notice him missing. He took off his hat and scratched his blonde head. This was gonna be an interesting summer.

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She finally sees Vinny and smiles. She looks at all the people seeing that they're missing two more before their family a complete. "This so amazing...I didn't think you guys would come." She saids as she sits back down in her seat and eats the last bite of her pineapple pizza. Mmmm so good. Where are they? Let's see we need Pirece and Lucy. Then we can head back to our house. She thinks before getting a napkin and wipping her face from all grease.

She starts to hear music, not just music but pretty music. She turns to see a guy playing his guitar ans smiles before turning back to her friends "Wow,he's really good. Isn't he?" She asks as she taps her fingers to the music. She bits her lips from being over joyed just for see them all together again for old time sakes. She remembers then when they were younger as they sat in the same pizzaera talkin g to each other enjoying each others company. While she would kick her feet under the table and the person across from her would tell her to stop kicking them.

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"Well it was either come here or spend another night in the cooler; trust me a night in jail sucks even if it is warmer than out in the cold." Vinny said leaning against the pillar next to the table. 'The gangs all here... no, that's wrong. Somebody is missing.' He took of his hat and scratched his head. He silently groaned when Izzie appraised him like a slab a meat. He remembered her nickname for him. It was something about Snow White. He had looked it up when he was a school once. Though it took him a few hours to get it due to the fact he didn't know the spelling.

"It has been a while since all of us were here. We've all changed, some for the better and some for the weirder. Not saying that's a bad thing." Vinny said taking out a smoke, the owner yelled at him there was no smoking in the restaurant, Vinny just nodded and started to play with it. He had gotten pretty good at it, kept him occupied when there was nothing better to do. Vinny smirked at his memory of his first cigarette. It had been the last time they came here and it was with Izzie. They had bummed two off of some random dude and after the first drag they both had coughing fits. He wished he could be 13 again, not a care in the world. Not having to sell drugs to keep gas in his car and smokes in his pocket, and not worrying about getting jumped or shot.

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Eli watched Izzie reach down and look into her wallet. I can pay for myself, He nearly said out loud. But no, that wouldn’t have done anybody any good. Besides... to be honest, he couldn’t pay for himself. It was no secret that his family had money, and it was no secret (Well not with these guys) that his parents wouldn’t give him any. He might go out and spend it on cigarettes, or worse, hormones. That was what he had done last time. No, Eli was not to be trusted with money. Luckily his mom had left her wallet out on the table, and though the $97 dollars in his bag wouldn’t pay for much, it would do for now.

He took the bag off his back, and rummaged through it, producing a very wrinkled five. “Uhm, I’ll be right back.” He said, moving to get up.

"What’s up homies? I see that you guys decided not to partake in the complete and utter BS that would be transgressing over at the other table." Eli looked up to see Vinnie, and sat back down, not wanting to be rude. However, he still didn’t say anything to the other boy. It was just so... different, and yet, oddly endearing the way that he talked as if he was just trying to be cool.

When Alice came towards the table, he couldn’t help but scowl. He had felt really comfortable with just Izzie. Not out of place at all, despite their earlier transgression. "The Ouija board is bull but still it's fun. Maybe you guys are too old to know what fun is nowadays. You guys are fuddy duddies, come on loosen up. It's summer, carpe diem! What happened to those kids who aren't afraid to do anything?"

Eli stood up and smiled at her, “Well for one, I’m going to eat.” He said, shrugging as if it were an excuse. “And two, I don’t know what kid you knew, but I was terrified of that game when I was little” He grinned to show that he was joking (Though he wasn’t really) and walked over the counter.