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Did you ever have that one place where you at home? Did you feel like you didn't have to be ashamed of yourself? For six teens, this is the place where all their cares go away. Welcome to Freedom,California.

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Vinny walked out of the holding cell and stretched. The cops hadn't figured out that he shot that guy yet and that was a long time ago. News cracked it up as gang violence. Which was kinda true, though he wasn't part of any gang. Vinny ditched the gun in the sewers and booked out of there fast. This was nothing new, a drug deal gone bad, yeah that was it was. "Vincent this is the 5th time this month we've had to toss you in that god forsaken cell, if you don't straighten up, we're gonna put you in real jail." Officer Bernacky said to Vinny as he collected his things. There wasn't many there a half pack of smokes, lighter, a legal pocket knife, his knock off Ipod, pad of paper,a pen, and about 200 bucks cash. It was the same speech every time. Nothing new, Vincent said he would and walked out. He walked to his post office to pick up his mail. Vincent went through it and the last letter his name was hand written on the the front. There was no return address on it. He tore it open and quickly read it.

"Holy fuck, I haven't heard from her in over 5 years. Why now?" Vincent said putting the letter in his pocket. He needed to get to Cali quick. He thought about the last time the gang was all together. He would have plenty of time to think on the way there. Now was the time to think how to get to Freedom. He could drive his beat up mustang or he could take a bus. He said screw it and took the mustang. His entire life was in that car. Though it had been broken into more times than Vinny could count. He started up his car and took off towards the local internet cafe. When he got there he printed directions to Freedom.

He took off and never looked back, 'I need this, I need to get away from all the bull that comes from this city.' Vinny said to himself. He grabbed his Eminem cd and put it in. He started to rap the entire way there. He lost himself in Eminems lyrics, and soon drove all the way there. When he reached the outskirts he pulled out the letter and the picture. It surprised him that his mom even cared enough to notice him missing. He took off his hat and scratched his blonde head. This was gonna be an interesting summer.