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Did you ever have that one place where you at home? Did you feel like you didn't have to be ashamed of yourself? For six teens, this is the place where all their cares go away. Welcome to Freedom,California.

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She smiles as she sees a black and white person slide across from her. "What a minute? Izzie, is that you?" She asks with a smile she can't hide. "It's amazing to see you again. How has everything been?" She adds as she finally calms her smile down and messes with her neon blue nails her mother helped her with early that week. She looks at the door wondering if anyone else was there yet but all she saw was a gay couple walk in which made her smile, alot of things make her smile. She moves rasberry blue hair out of her face and behind her peirced ear. She looks otuthe window to see another familiar face. "Look it's Turtle." She saids as she looks back at Izzie and points at the clear glass window. What is her real name anyways. I never knew that. Weird