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Did you ever have that one place where you at home? Did you feel like you didn't have to be ashamed of yourself? For six teens, this is the place where all their cares go away. Welcome to Freedom,California.

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"What the hell are you staring at?"

Eliot froze. He had known it was coming. After all, he wasn’t stupid. And yet, he wasn’t at all prepared for this. He had been accepting something a bit calmer. And this girl… this really familiar girl, was just so intimidating. And when Alice talked, well, it was still frightening, even if she was nicer than the other girl. However, he did unfreeze, pretty sure that the dark haired girl probably wouldn’t kick his ass.

He stepped forward and shoved his hands into the front pocket of his hoodie. “I… I, Um, I know you guys” He said quietly, reaching up to play with his lip ring, a nervous habit. He looked down at the ground and pulled out the letter from his back pocket, holding it out as if it was important evidence.

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