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Did you ever have that one place where you at home? Did you feel like you didn't have to be ashamed of yourself? For six teens, this is the place where all their cares go away. Welcome to Freedom,California.

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Roy had stared at the letter for hours. It said to leave at midnight and not bring much. He was excited. He knew that this meant a reunion with the people that he hadn't been able to contact for the longest time. Phone was out of the question, and he didn't know where any of them lived. He didn't tell his father where he was going, but he didn't care at this moment. He was going back to the place where he felt like he belonged.


His alarm went off. Turning it off, he listened for his father, he was snoring loudly which meant he was drunk and was out cold. Roy smiled. His sister was away at a friends house tonight too, so there would be no problem getting out. He grabbed his backpack and things and then grabbed his car keys. He owned a ford truck. It was beat down, but he loved it. He got in, turned it on, and then smiled once again. He was going to Freedom.

After about two hours of driving, he had arrived in Freedom California. His excitement of seeing all of his friends again was boiling up in him. He went to the familiar place and say other vehicles. The others were here! He parked and jumped out.