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Each of six nations of supernatural beings has a chosen child, that child is sent to earth as a baby with no memories of their life or past until the night of Halloween when they are all sixteen.
These children are each special and each way being the most powerful of their species,

Each of these children believe they are human thinking they are completely normal, they come from what ever background there was no choosing of the families they were sent to the families were drawn to them as they have heritage of supernatural beings in there blood.
Each of the kids know nothing of each other or who they truly are the only thing they do know is that they all attend the same school.
On the week of Halloween every student is invited to a party in the woods, but little did the kids know that this was the night they were going to awaken. They also didn't know they were also drawn to each other in the romantic field.

Ok basic plot is going to about six kids who are descendants of powerful beings of their species, they do not know what they are until the night of Halloween. How they trigger the change into their supernatural beings is by an emotion felt, which will be how they trigger the transformation each time so for example: Anger could trigger the change into a werewolf. That Is the only way they can change. Once they have triggered the change they would arrive somewhere they have never been before and meet each other for the first time, they arrive in a hidden forest with building in it, this is where they train and learn to control the supernatural selves. Also they will not all be powerful from the start I will post an ooc thread about what they will start with and what it is. Oh and the bad guys are going to be things like hunters and bad guys of the species of the nations, these will either be NPC or someone can create a character for them.
So what is basically going to happen is that these kids are going to have to get used to day to day lives as being a supernatural being and trying to hide it from their fake families.

Supernatural being-
Witch- Taken by me- Female
Vampire- Taken by Eleera Cain-Female
Werewolf-Taken by The Vampire Mistress-Female
Demon-Taken by blackwolf- Male
Angel- Taken by BekaL101-Male

(The counter opposites of the species will not fall in love with each e.g.- werewolf and vampire will not be allowed as it breaks laws in their species history the same with the demon and angel. But any they are free to fall in love with anyone else e.g. Witch and Angel are able to fall in love. Oh and I will only be allowing 3 girls and 3 boys this is to keep the genders equal.)

Character skeletons-
Full Name:
Nickname: (Name they go by when they are in their supernatural state)
Human appearance: (Animé pictures preferred and add some detail about them as well)
Supernatural appearance: (Same as above)
Personality: (Please no short descriptions. At least 2 paragraphs long)
Human history:
Supernatural/ Ancestral history:
Anything else?:

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((I got bored with being off school so I decided to do the first post, You will not take on you supernatural form until your second post at the party, but you may some of your gifts may begin to show. Oh and just a reminder we don't know any of the others.))

Mayu stood by her locker as she watched students walk by laughing and acting like everything is fine. But is everything really fine? For the past few weeks she's been having dreams.. dreams that she does not want to live. Shaking her head at the thought she slammed her locker shut. Walking down the corridor towards the doors she felt a body ram into her hard. Wincing at the pain as she collided with the hard ground. Looking up to spot the guy who rammed into her, her eyes narrowing as she glared at him. One of the jocks not to mention one of the biggest dicks... Also known as Derek, “Sorry fo- Well look who we have here.. The little orphan” he said with a smirk on his face.
Mayu's body jolted with fear, practically every student in school treated her like crap, even the ones who didn't act this way still stayed away from her not wanting to be low on the social food chain at school. As the anger over flowed her the doors in the school began to open hitting the doors hard, the lockers were swinging open. Mayu looked between the doors and Derek and she ran. Not liking the idea of her being labelled as a freak as well.

When she finally reached her home a sigh of relief escaped her lips, pulling of the fake glasses and wig, her reddy brown hair fell to her waist. Placing the wig and glasses on the side she walked into the kitchen spotting her cousin there making dinner. “Hey Mayu. How was school?” he asked as he began to dish up the tagateli.
“Fine but some doors and lockers decided to have a spasm today” she said chuckling, she noticed her cousins body stiffen but let it slide as she grabbed a plate of dinner and walked into her room to get her costume ready for the party in the forbidden woods. She was soon stopped in her tracks when he cousin shouted for her. “Oh and Mayu, Happy birthday” he said with a smile.

Finally she had finished putting her costume on and done her hair and make up. Looking over herself in the mirror smiling at her appearance, she wore a short coral strapless dress ((Look at her profile for the costume oh and the characters supernatural forms are there costumes for Halloween))
with a black strip at the top, she wore matching boots that came to her thighs that were black with the sole being coral, on her arms she had coral gloves that reeched just over her elbow and had a black trim around it, on her arm that was showing she had a black outline of a star, no make up was ever able to hide it and she had, had it since she was a kid so it was like her birth mark, finally finishing her outfit by putting in a pair of violet contacts and some eye-liner and mascara.
Looking down at the clock on her desk a curse word escaped her lips as it read ' 7:30' running out the room she grabbed her fake broom and was about to leave the house until she remembered her black hat with a band of coral around and a buckle on it, smiling as she finally was ready for the Halloween party of the centry.


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Shiit...I'm late now. Dammit Alex!, Jace thought frantically as he sprinted out of the school. He was late for work, which meant that his wages would be docked. Which meant that he wouldn't be able to buy as much shopping this week. Then his mom would end up doing overtime and making herself sick again, despite Jace's insistance that she didn't have to. He could live on less food for a little while. He had done it before, and would quite willingly do so again. As long as his mom was okay.

He got to the garage, where he skidded to a stop, panting. He checked his watch. Five minutes late. Not too bad then. Chances were, Mike hadn't noticed yet.
No such luck.
"Where you been, kid? Got another one in the back fer ya. None of the other guys can make head nor tail of it.", his boss stated, coming out of the office, his face set in it's usual scowl. Jace knew that Mike valued his skills, but wasn't too keen on the fact that his boss was more strict with him because of that fact. That and his age, just barely sixteen, though he looked older, which was why he was able to work here in the first place.
"Right...okay. I'll get started.", Jace replied, once he'd got his breath back, heading into the main workshop.
Damn...what'd they do to this thing?! This is gonna take me ages!, he thought, sighing, as he looked at the car. The damned thing's engine looked like it'd lost a fight with a flamethrower. No wonder Mike had left this one for him. No one else would know what to do with it. Jace decided the best thing to do was just strip the whole thing out and start again. It would cost a lot, but no as much as trying to get this lump of metal repaired.

Better get started then.


"Finally...", Jace muttered hours later, trying to rub a spot of oil from his face, only to make the splotch worse. It wasn't perfect, and he had taken a few short cuts, but it would run at least. He might reccommend that the owners come back in a few months to get it checked though. He was good at what he did, but not that good. He wasn't a miracle worker.
He had finished just in time too, his shift was done for today.
Saying goodbye to the others, he headed home. He needed to get himself cleaned up and changed for the party.
Surprise, surprise: his mom wasn't in yet. And most likely wouldn't be for quite a while. Dumping his boots and jacket at the door, he went straight to the bathroom, for a much-needed (and deserved, in his opinion) shower.
After that was done, it was to his bedroom, for his 'costume'. He had chosen this simply for the irony. An Angel, complete with wings. Although Alex had made the wings, and done a good job of them too. Proper metal frame and everything. If Jace didn't know better, he would've said they looked real. And coupled with the rest of his costume, looked well badass to boot. The wings were attached onto a set of straps that went under his clothes, which had slits cut in the back, to allow the wings to come through. Almost like they were really his. Alex had thought of everything. And had probably put as much thought into his own costume as well.
He didn't look in the mirror before he was dressed. He knew what he would find: the large, raw looking burn scars that spread over his torso and left arm, like something from a horror movie. It wasn't that he hated them, he just didn't like looking at it. It had only been eight months ago too, when he had first started working for Mike.

That's the past now. Time to forget., he scolded himself as he left the house, leaving a note for his mom to explain where he was. She already knew about the party, but he figured he would remind her anyway. That way she wouldn't worry.


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The forest was peaceful and quiet. There were soft chirpings of songbirds as Gwenivere walked through the little known path. She was supposed to be in math, but what was the point of going to math on such a lovely day. She sat down on a stump and pulled out a book on wolves. She took a deep breath and a subtle, musky smell filled her nostrils. She decided to follow it to see what it was. She couldn't locate the source, so she decided to go back to the little clearing. She stayed in the little clearing for a couple of hours. She checked her watch and saw that it was 2:30.

Gwenivere ran towards the animal shelter, because she didn't want to get in trouble. She made it there only about an three minutes late. Her boss grinned at her as she walked in.
"Sorry,Daniel. I didn't meant to be late, I was doing chores at home and lost track of time," she said as she tied her apron on and sat down behind the counter.
"Don't let it happen again, Gwenny Gwen Gwen," he said with a chuckle. Gwenivere rolled her eyes. I swear to whatever is floating on a cloud, if you call me Gwenny Gwen Gwen one more time... She didn't get to finish her thought because a patron came over to her.
"Excuse me," the man said in a hint of a southern drawl, "but do you know if the shelter has any collies?"
Gwenivere nodded.
"Well, there are a couple. They're in the large dog section of the kennel," She replied with a friendly smile, "would you like me to show you?" The man shook his head and headed off in that direction. Gwenivere was bored out of her mind the rest of her shift. She left the shelter at around six thirty. She ran home and bolted upstairs. There was a Halloween party she had been invited to.
She ran to her closet and began getting dressed. She pulled on a tight pair of white leather pants. She pulled a white tanktop with a furry vest over it. She attached the white, wolf-like tale to the belt loops of her pants and put on a pair of fake, white ears. She examined herself in the mirror and decided to draw a black "X" over her left eye. She couldn't wait to see other people's costumes.

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