An IslandMatt Gurley

"There are a lot of things in this world we can't explain; Sometimes it's better just to not bother."

a character in “The Survey”, as played by LSunday

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Your full name is: Matt Gurley
Your age is:23 Years and 4 months.
You are: Male/Female
Your location is:Lincoln Park, Chicago, Illinois[county/city/state] United States [country]
Your relationship status is currently: Single
You are currently employed as a: Journalist Student/Intern
You are:5 feet and 9 inches tall.
You weigh in at: 153 lbs
Your hair colour is: Black
Your eye colour is: Brown
You would describe your physical appearance as: Mildly tanned skin (natural tan), a thin face that almost looks undernourished, large ears.
Your most unique feature is: A scar in my left palm.
The general attire you are seen in: A button-down shirt, not tucked in and a little wrinkled. Jeans.
Describe any unusual markings you have here: A scar on my left palm, that I got when a window shattered as I was leaning on it.


Your closest friends would describe you as: Probably that I'm overly curious, but loyal and helpful. A bit of a worry-wort.
Your virtues are: Good at reading people, high pain tolerance, skepticism.
Your faults are: Overly curious, bad at math
Your hobbies/interests are: Journalism, Ancient Mythology (Roman and Greek), Music
Your likes and dislikes are: Dislikes: Overhype, materialism, shallowness. Likes: Nerdiness, eccentricity, the 'weird.'
Your greatest fears are: Death of a close friend


Your biography: When I was young, I lived in a small town in New Jersey. We lived there for most of my early life. It wasn't like a lot of the cliché ideas of New Jersey: there were trees, and it actually deserved the 'Garden State' nickname, unlike most of the state. I had a friend named Iris, who I met in the hospital after we both fell out of a second-story building when a window we were leaning against shattered. At first, it was hard to get to know here because she was so secretive, but eventually we became friends and even dated for a short time. We separated before going to college, and she died a few months later in a gas explosion back home.

I haven't been back to my hometown since then, because most people moved out of the town around my high school life, as a lot of freak accidents seemed to start happening around the town. I was only ever involved in the shattered window incident, although I heard stories about malfunctioning traffic lights and strange sinkholes. Personally, I think people are just a little too superstitious.

I went to college at a small school in Annapolis, Maryland, and am currently getting a graduate degree in Journalism in Chicago. My parents moved to Ohio after I went to college, to a similar small town that didn't have the same superstition around it. I still keep in touch with a few other students from my high school, but for the most part I've left that part of my life--and the strange people that went with it--behind.

So begins...

Matt Gurley's Story