The Tea House Truce

The Tea House Truce


The Shimuzu, and the Kobayashi clans have fought for what seems like forever. Will a call for a truce, and an arranged marriage bring peace between the two families or will it be the final coup to finally take out the enemy. Open and Accepting!

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"The flower of flowers is the Sakura - Cherry Blossom. The Samurai is the man among men."
- Japanese proverb

Two clans have war'ed with one another for many years, many lives lost, Samurai from both the Shimizu and the Kobayashi, have met in battle. Now both families have come together to make a truce, a plan is made to meet in a neutral territory to discuss the future of them both. An marriage arranged between, the eldest of the Shimuzu, and the eldest of the Kobayashi. Will this finally bring peace between the two clans? Or will it all go south, a plan from one or both of the families to finally put an end to the other. In the middle of this all is the Tsukiakari Tea House, a lovely place just next to a hot spring, run by the lovely Ms. Yamamoto Naoko. Once a renowned Geisha now a stoic businesswoman, meticulously running the tea house, hot springs, and the inn. Most of her workers are lovely Geisha themselves who's soul purpose is to serve and entertain the guests at the Tea House. How will Ms. Naoko handle her new guests, two wealthy families with exquisite tastes, each bringing along their best Samurai? What could possibly go wrong?

The Shimuzu Clan

The Shimuzu clan is the most elder of the warring families, because of this they believe they are better than the Kobayashi. They were also the first to start the quarrel, when a Kobayashi accidentally built their home on a piece of Shimuzu land. Funny how such a little thing turned into an almost quarter century feud. The clan leader was first to offer up his daughter in hopes of merging the families, and hopes to profit from the new found peace.

- Shimuzu Clan Members -

Clan Leader- ll open ll A pompous man that looks down upon those around him. He revels in having fine things, and pays more attention to what he can gain then he does his own family, especially his daughter. In between the ages of forty and fifty.

The Eldest Daughter- ll open ll A spirited girl who despises the fact that her father has arranged this marriage. She had her heart set on one of the Samurai that served her father. In between the ages eighteen and twenty, (I realize this is unrealistic for the time period but I don't want to get in trouble.)

Haruka Hijiishi- ll Played by Finneline ll

The Kobayashi Clan

The younger of the two clans, but they seem to have a little more honor and humility than the Shimuzu clan. Despite their smaller size, and smaller pocket books, the family has managed to take down many of the Shimuzu clan's best Samurai. A family that rose up the ranks, through hard work and perseverance as opposed to money and family status. The clans leader is very suspicious of the the offer from the other clan leader for their eldest children to marry, and wonders if this is all just and elaborate ruse to end his families claim on the the land that is owed to them.

- Kobayashi Clan Members -

Clan Leader- ll open ll A strong man that thinks only of his family. He is willing to go through with the arrangement if it means that the fighting will stop. But he is suspicious of the other clan leader. In between the ages of forty and fifty.

Setsugie Kobayashi Rensu- ll Played by Setsugie ll

The War Hardened Samurai- ll open ll He has been through many wars and survived, but many believe that because of his age he is not much longer for this plane of existence. He however strives to show all those that think his is old and feeble wrong. In between the ages of forty and fifty.

Tsukiakari Tea House

The Tsukiakari Tea House is actually quite large, combining an inn, and a hot spring bath house along with it. It has everything you would need to not only care for the guests, but the young Geisha that work there.

After Yamamoto Naoko retired from her life as a Geisha, she decided she would take the what she had earned over the years and start a business of her own. She bought the old tea house, and fixed it up in the process of remodeling, it was discovered that the it was practically sitting on a hot spring. Seeing the profit in this, Naoko started expanding. It is now one of the most desired places to visit in the land, and is usually only frequented by the wealthy, and with the addition of the Geisha she has working there it has become even more desirable.

- Tea House Workers -

Yamamoto Naoko- ll Played by ShyFox ll Once a renowned Geisha now a stoic businesswoman, meticulously running the tea house, hot springs, and the inn. Age forty-five.

Nagano Kiyomi- ll Played by ShyFox ll Kiyomi is the top Geisha at the Tsukiakari Tea House. She is the definition of poise, beauty, and everything a Geisha should strive to be. Despite this, most of the other Geisha, think she is stuck up or uppity, and will only associate herself with the most high paying customers. Age twenty

Geisha 1- ll open ll New to the tea house and has just started her training as a Geisha. Is a little clumsy at times and tends to get teased by the others. This young girl looks up to Kiyomi, and surprisingly Kiyomi is one of the few that give the younger Geisha any respect. In between the ages of sixteen and eighteen.

Geisha 2- ll reserved by Miyer ll Sent to be a Geisha because her family could no longer afford to feed and care for her. She longs to fall in love with a Samurai, and leave her world of servitude behind, she does not like being a Geisha. In be tween the ages of eighteen to twenty.

Geisha 3- ll open ll She is everything that makes the Geisha look like common prostitutes. She goes against the rules set up by Naoko, and has been threatened many times with banishment from the tea house. She is deceptive and despises Kiyomi, and would do anything to be in her position. In between the ages of eighteen to twenty.

Naoko's Son- ll open ll He is a strong willed and honorable young man that wants nothing more, than to become a Samurai like his father before him. But he feels the shame of never knowing his father, and his parents being unmarried at his conception. He typically does handy work around the tea house for his mother, but he isn't working, he's training with his father's sword. He has also over the years started to have feelings for the Geisha Kiyomi. In between the ages of twenty and twenty-five.

- Character Info -

I'm not gonna make a skeleton be creative and make the sheets look nice. However, I will put of a list of thing that I would like to see on the sheet.

1. Full Name- You can add nick names and stuff like that if you like in addition to this. But the most important is the full name. Just a suggestion that makes the character sheet a little more aesthetically pleasing is to go to and make a nice looking full name header. I tend to do this with most of my character sheets and it typically makes things look nice.

2. Age- I have put an age range to choose from with each character. If you would like to change this to something else, PM me and let me know.

3. Gender- This is pretty self explanatory.

4. Image- I'm looking for anime pictures, shouldn't be to hard to find pics for these characters with in the anime genre. If you can't manage to find one let me know I'm pretty good at digging up pictures. If you find multiple pictures and want to put more than one pic on your sheet that's cool to.

5. Description- I know you have at least one picture of your character up, but expand on it, describe to us what may not be seen in the picture.

6. Background- Background, history whatever you want to call it is fine by me. However be descriptive make your character stand out as an individual. How did their past effect them making them the way they are today?

7. Personality- Once again be descriptive and try to make them interesting. With this being said don't go overboard, these people are not magical, and they aren't perfect. Everyone has flaws and positive attributes that shape their behavior. Use your imagination and creativity as a writer and I'm sure you'll come out with an awesome character. Also if you want to add likes and dislikes to your character I'll post the coding for a nifty, Likes and Dislikes section that organizes it, just makes sure you put the likes in the green, and the dislikes in the red.

8. Weapons- This will obviously apply more to the Samurai characters, and the Kobayashi Eldest Son. But if you can give a legit reason why your Geisha or someone else has a weapon by all means post it.

9. Skills- Everyone has certain hobbies, or skills that make them useful, especially in Feudal Japan. It will be obvious for characters that are Geisha or Samurai to have skills such as sword fighting or playing the shamisen. But maybe there's something else they can do that you might not expect.

10.Sexual Preferences- This is something optional you can put in if you choose to.

11. Anything else- This is optional as well, a place to add little things to your character to make them unique. Maybe they have a pet, or you want to add a theme song, but none of those things are required.

You can put any of this information in any kind of order you like on your sheet, I don't care whether you make it oober elaborate or not, just do your best to make an awesome character.

- Likes and Dislikes code -

Bellow is the code I talked about in the character info section for a likes and dislikes part for your sheet. Feel free to use it if you like, however it's not required.

Code: Select all
[center][size=175][b]Likes and Dislikes[/b][/size][/center]
[color=red]▼[/color] [/right][left][color=green]▼[/color]
[color=green]▼[/color] [/left]


1. Have Fun.
2. I'm the GM so what I say goes.
3. 48 hours on reserves.
4. Respect your fellow RP'ers.
5. General RP rules apply, No godmodding ect. ect.
6. I'm cool with some cussing but don't go overboard.
7. Keep RolePlayGateway's rules in mind when it comes to romance, or just about anything more 'adult' in the RP.
8. If you have problems or questions, don't be afraid to PM me.
9. Try to avoid one liners, I understand writers block, but at least give me a few sentences.
10. I'm not going to be the spelling or grammar Nazi, but use a spell checker it's not that hard to do.

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Re: The Tea House Truce

Its no problem guys don't worry I understand completely. It was a problem for many people when RPgateway was down so I completely understand.

Re: The Tea House Truce

I posted the War hardened Samurai <3 if there anything wrong please point it out and I will fix it OwO
also I couldn't post the Geisha for the reason that when I was completing the War hardened samurai my computer crashed and I lost all my process(and I was almost finished too T-T) so as you know I turned on my computer seeing that I did not save and it didn't auto save I contemplated life for about an hour asking myself why me? why do you do this? you know the works before starting from scratch again :\ Ill have the geisha tomorrow hopefully.

Re: The Tea House Truce

I also couldn't access Rpgateway for a few days sorry but I will have my chars tomorrow, if not without a doubt by tuesday :)
and thanks shyfox

Re: The Tea House Truce

Damn it. This week was too much for me, and then I couldn't access roleplaygateway when I actually had time to work on my characters... sorry about that ShyFox. I will try to get it done by tomorrow...

Oh, and belated valentine wishes! I ate lots of brownies~

Re: The Tea House Truce

No problem Setsugie it happens, take care of yourself and we'll see the characters when you're better.

Re: The Tea House Truce

ill have my chars ready in a few more days I got extreamely sick and can barely move from my bed im very sorry guys Ill see you soon :(

Re: The Tea House Truce

Thats sounds peachy guys, and take your time with the characters you make. I'm not gonna flip out if it takes a couple of days, since you guys are being so cool for doing this. Im gonna start working on sheets for the NPC's so I can understand it might taking a while.

@ Finneline, you can be Geisha 3 if you enjoy those types of characters. Im not really good at playing them so if you're up to it I'll gladly let you.

@ Setsugie War hardened Samurai it is, and if you really want to play Geisha 1 go ahead.

I look forward to seeing all of your characters, and once again grateful to you guys for helping out in order to make this RP happen. Kind of makes me warm and fuzzy on the inside.

Re: The Tea House Truce

To be honest, I love to play bitches (whoa, sorry for that "unpolite" word, but hell it's the truth) and I think some complications are needed... someone bad messes up things on purpose and forces the others to improvise because of certain troubles she caused... Well, if you (ShyFox) play Geisha 3 who hates your other character, it wouldn't make much sense, I guess. Let me try to send both the elder daughter and Geisha 3 sheets in and then it's your choice to accept them or not. Agree? =)

Setsugie, I am looking forward to some combat with your samurai actually~ Hope my wish comes true, even though it might entirely based on wanting to practice or sweet conflicts? =) Anyhow, my characters are probably going to be finished a bit later (in probably three, four days).

Re: The Tea House Truce

Well then Ill be taking the War hardened Samurai I already had a base for him since I was planing to make him if nobody took him. :)
And well I'm not that good with the Geisha 3's personality, I'd prefer the Geisha 1 but either one is fine I wouldn't mind ^^

Re: The Tea House Truce

You guys are so awesome! I think you both have great ideas and Im so grateful that you're both so willing to help get this thing going.

* Making the head of the Clans NPC's I think is a great idea. I'll make up sheets for them and put them in a special section of the OOC for NPC's. And I'll probably just remove Geisha 1 unless someone really wants her.

* I was talking to my brother about the RP, who also roleplays on this site, and since the other rp that I made, who he is a part of is already running stale. He said he would be willing to play Naoko's son. So we have a person for that.

* @ Finneline if you want to play the Eldest Daughter that's fine, but with the addition of my brother you wont have to play Naoko's son.

* @ Setsugie that gives you an option of playing, The War hardened Samurai or Geisha 3, and I can take which ever you would rather not play.

You guys let me know if this sounds cool with you or whether I should tweak it a bit.

Re: The Tea House Truce

I can play the others I have played more than 2 or 3 Chars at a time its very fun, for me at least :) I have no problems with it so I'm here to help, since I really like the idea behind this RP.

Re: The Tea House Truce

ShyFox...I can relate to your disappointment. Many are running to the fantasy corner. Now, what's Slice of Life is only some highschool roleplays, and honestly, I am fed up with those. So I really like to have some history in here with no fantasy~

Anyway... I may not have the best solution for this, so I just call it a suggestion:

- Make both the Clan Leaders NPCs. but add in the Sheet how the personality and their ulterior purposes are behind this arrangement are so everyone's playing them similarily.

- I can triple up and snatch the eldest daughter and Naoko's son away. Though you have to bear with long posts and less frequently.

- Someone has to play the other Samurai because it would be boring to talk with myself.

- Geisha 1 I think is less important, but I do want to have someone play Geisha 3.

Well... ideas and thoughts about it?

Re: The Tea House Truce

-_- I'd hate to call it dead... but I don't know. No one else is biting, and the fact that right after I made this one. Someone that tried to reserve here, turned around and made one in the same era, with a very similar story line, but with demons,and promising more death and fighting. Yeah... I dont know, Im just a little aggravated by it. But thats just the way go on here, people go "Oh I like that idea but I want to be something with ears a tail and OP powers. Cause being a samurai or a Geisha is soooo boring. So I'll make one of my own and try to make it sound original." -shrugs-

That RPGateway for you though. Even talked to this person about it, and their only response was "Oh me and a friend already had this idea long before, you made yours. And you're not the only one that's done the arranged marriage in feudal japan before."

Thats not the point, I know that, the point is that you just so happen to decide to put your's out there a day or two after I put mine up just cause mine wasn't finished when you wanted to reserve a character, and it clearly stated that it was WIP and not accepting when you did this. Its frustrating, makes me feel like some people just don't have any originality. I tried to make something, a little more historical, as opposed to your typical "Mythical" feudal Japan. But, thats not good enough. Oh well I guess I should get off my soap box and get over it.

Anyway, thanks you guys for trying and making such awesome characters, I know how it is when you get excited, and put allot of thought, creativity and work into a character. Only to have the GM disappear into thin air, and then you're just left with nothing but your character and a this itch to RP as said character. I've been there many times on this site, it happens more than me actually getting to play the character. I just want you guys to know that I really wanted this one to happen as much as you guys did. I'm gonna leave it be for now. I just don't know how I can get this started without, the Eldest Daughter or the other Samurai. If any of you have ides on how we might be able to make this RP still work out Im all ears.

Re: The Tea House Truce

Has this died before starting?

Re: The Tea House Truce

@ Sorella- Its okay Sorella I understand, it happens sometimes. Hope, whatever other rp's you're in goes well.

@ Miyer- She's great Miyer!, and she's approved.

Re: The Tea House Truce

I think I am going to drop this, sorry :/ I just don't have much inspiration for my character. I hope it all turns out well though!

Re: The Tea House Truce

Thank you!!! ^-^

Re: The Tea House Truce

It's okay Miyer it happens I'll fix that right now.

Re: The Tea House Truce

Damn, I meant 2! Can you please change that >~< I only just realised my miss type just now! Sorry!!!

Re: The Tea House Truce

You sure can Miyer I'll reserve her for you.