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About twenty years ago the Amai Empire completed its conquest by conquering the last remnants of the old empire. But now with the emperor dead and the prince being unpopular, a fight for the throne has begun.

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It has been about 20 years since the Amai Empire had conquered the last of the old empire. The emperor had been seen as one of the most successful of his kind and was well like among his citizens due to his abolishment of slavery and social reforms. Though with his passing there has been an uproar because of his successor: His unpopular and pompous son, Prince Amalagur. Now after an assassination attempt on the prince it has become clear that there is a fight for the throne going on and even people who hold on to the old empire see their chance to have land break away from the empire to resurrect the old empire. It is just a matter of time before the empire falls into chaos. Will a new emperor arise or will the empire turn into a number of renegade states?

Amai Empire: The empire stretches throughout a vast continent. It is a rather young empire at an age of 300 years with its lastest additions made only twenty years ago. With only a week before Prince Amalagur becomes emperor, the empire is currently without a ruler.
Landscape: Most of the empire is field and forest with mountains towards its center. The continent is a large islands. It is a weeks boats travel to the lost continent but no one goes there as everyone who had sailed there in the past fourty years hadn't come back.

The Old Empire: The Old Empire had existed roughly 5000 years before the Amai Empire and experienced its demise during the rise of the Amai Empire. The Old Empire was known to be technologically advanced compared to the Amai Empire and still some remnants of it are to be found on the lost continent. All that is left of it are few tiny colonies and a handful of fortresses on the lost continent. Their current state is unknown. The ruler of the Old Empire was known as a witch king and myths of the old empire shroud it with an atmosphere of mystery and darkness.

Time: The current era seems sort of like the Roman golden age. With use of bronze weapons, bows and some crossbows are available.

Starting point: The start is all in a region around the empires capital of Amai.

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