Warhammer 40kRegias Veche

A young, impudent officer in the 363rd. Commands Sentinels.

a character in “The Tide of WAAAAAGH!”, as played by 7achary

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Name: Regias Veche

Rank: Lieutenant

Age: 23

Former regiment: (there for gender) 129th

Appearance: Wiry, in a lean way, Regias stands at 5'10 and 165lbs. Hardly ever wears his full uniform, usually a stained white undershirt, his rank symbols tattooed onto his shoulder and a fully nude and scandalous buxom young woman is tattooed on the inside of his right forearm. His olive khakis are like-wise stained and wrinkled, his officers boots scuffed and marred. His sleek officer's cap is kept at a jaunty angle over his dark curly hair, somewhere between brown and black. His watery blue eyes, glazed over, stare off into the distance. His straight white teeth clench a thin home-rolled cigar.

When weather appropriate he dons a faded officer's great coat.

Weapons: A well kept up las-pistol.


Vehicle type: Cadian Sentinel

Name: Caroline (His college sweetheart)

Armaments: Multilaser, smoke launchers

Crew: Pilot

Extra: Improved comm system and camouflage netting.

Weapons: A well kept up las-pistol.


Bio: Regias is a priest's bastard. what some call the devil's own get. He was raised in a small mine's local Ministorum. his bread and butter tales of the most sacred Saints and his water the Golden Throne.

With his father's daily education he eventually made it to one of three schools on Luggnum. He was at the top of his class for two years as a student of politics.

He dropped out his third year over mining administration when he refused to write an essay agreeing with current practices. A year later he was planning labor protests when he was drafted. Due to his education he was an officer's candidate. For two years he has done his job competently and refused repeated promotions. He claims allergy to more responsibility.

So begins...

Regias Veche's Story