The Belauricen PalaceCassandra Vorgoule

"You simply mustn't do it."

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Name: Cassandra Vorgoule
Kingdom: The Belauricen Kingdom
Quote: “You simply mustn’t do it”
Age: 16 years old
Gender: Female
Love interest: Add along the way
Additional appearance features/power: Control over air element but she uses it so discreetly people think she's normal.
Weapon(s): Does her feather fan count? [ant]
History: Cassandra grew up never knowing her mother behind the portraits that hang on the walls but she loved the stories she heard about her and believed her to be a very loving woman. Her brother is also another mystery to her as she hasn’t really communicated with him besides a friendly ‘Good day’ now and then. Besides that she was quite a happy and spoiled child until her father passed away. She felt most uncomfortable having to rely on her brother whom she hardly knows.
She journeys through town now and then in disguise as regular townsfolk to eavesdrop and observe others and has lately experienced the pressure to wed. The townsfolk seem to have little faith in the prince and herself in ruling a kingdom without some bond with other kingdoms..a marriage more preferably but as Cassandra would put it “You simply mustn’t do it”.
She has met a few recommended suitors by her personal assistant and rejected them all. She feels her search is becoming utterly hopeless and not really sure if that’s really what she’s searching for.
As a princess, she has also seen the dark days of her kingdom.. and does not turn a blind eye to those who are pure of heart and require help.
Theme song: Instrumental Music.

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