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Outgoing and loyal

a character in “The Town”, as played by strawberryorange

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Name: Carlos Vasquez

Age: 21

Description: Carlos is about 5'8 and has dark, spiky hair and big brown eyes. He's rather fashionable and doesn't like to ware cheap cloths.

Other: He speaks both english and spanish.


Carlos is a bit of a jokester and is good at being entertaining. However, sometimes his antics can get old or annoying. He thinks he is a lady killer, and is very loyal to friends and family. He's usually responsible, and is proud of his Spanish heritage.


After getting married in Mexico, his parents came to America and got their citizenship. They then had 7 children, Carlos being the oldest. They went to church every Sunday and were very close. His father makes a good salary and so the family is used to high standard living.

So begins...

Carlos Vasquez's Story