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After a couple minutes of awkward silence, while the strange woman stared at Mary, she finally turned around slowly towards the open field to the right of the road, away from the semi. She walked away singing a song, that Mary couldn't recognize. "Have a wonderful day!" yelled the woman back to her. Mary was about to yell back to her many things, such as why did you leave your car to run out in to an open field, in the middle of nowhere, but Mary didn't want to have anything else to do with that loon.
"What the hell was that?" she asked her self. She didn't care anymore though. She was too anxious to go tell the others about the town. She bolted back down to the others, and in between huge gasps, told them what happened. "I met this freak, and she said there was a town down south a few miles," said Mary. "If we follow the road, we can get there before it get's too dark, and get a place to stay. Two of us can support Jacob, and...Carlos, can you walk alright?" She only noticed his head and arm hurt, but if his head hurt too much to walk on his own, then he'd need help.