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Jacob slammed his hand on the horn of the old, puke yellow bus that was parked outside the campus of the school. The five jumped, startled by the sound of the loud, and obnoxious horn of the bus. They had been waiting for about thirty minutes after school was over for the last day of the year. He told them that he had a suprise to show them, but he knew they probably wouldn't like the suprise very well. The bus was a sixteen-seater yellow school bus, that looked like it was from the seventees, and also had never been driven for twenty years. It was probably true. The outside was rusted in the corners, some of the windows wouldn't open, and some wouldn't shut. The seats had duct tape, and swear words written all over them, and it wreaked of little children and whatever they did in it. But besides that it was...livable for two days of driving.

He pushed the door opener as hard as he could, but it wouldn't open. The man renting it to him, had to use a crowbar to open it the first time because it was rusted shut. He finally kicked it four times and it finally opened. "NEXT STOP....VEGAS!" he yelled to his friends sitting on the bench in front of the campus. "Please put all bags in throught the back of the bus where we hold the cargo." Then he remembered, "Oh, and, could you not cover the fire exit door, uh cuz I'm not so sure this bus won't catch on fire possibly," he said smiling unsurely. It was meant as a joke, but once again this bus was pretty much a peice of shit.