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"Gasp! Jacob, man, I didn't know you were capable of murder!" Carlos said the minuet he saw that rusty old hunk of ugly yellow metal. As usual he had something sarcastic to say, implying that Jacob had rented that old bus on purpose just to do away with them. Although he was sarcastic and made lots of jokes, he never meant it in a mean way. At least not usually. He just wanted to be the funny guy, thinking it would get him girls and make people like him. He was pretty much the class clown around school.

When Jacob honked Carlos not only jumped but actually shouted "AAAAGGGGHHHH!!" He grabbed one of the other kids arms and pulled. "RUN AWAY!!!!" He shouted again "He's already put his psychopathic homicide plan into action!!!!! AAAAGGGGHHHH!!!! We're all gonna die!!!" In a fake panic, he put his hands on his head and started running in circles. His shenanigans always made a bunch of kids at school laugh, and his many younger siblings. So he did stuff like this all the time.