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Setting: HappyTown2010-11-27 01:48:20, as written by infernwolf
Dax was awakened by a loud horn. " What the hell?" He whispered as he rubbed his eyes. When he opened them he found hiself starring at an old, peutred yellow, school bus. Before he could see who was driving it, He was disrupted by a sligh girlish shrill. Dax didnt have to look at who it was, He knew it could only be Carlos. When he looked back at the school bus he saw Jacob standing in front of it talking, Dax didnt exactly here him because he was still half sleep." This is the suprise, a piece of crap, well he didnt say it was gonna be a good surprise." He thought. He stood up, strecthed and yawned.

" Well, nice surprise." He said giving a faint smile. Dax wasnt really the one to smile. When he got on the bus, He through his luggage to the back of the bus." I need to catch some Z's so i'll be well rested for Vegas." Dax said to Jacob as he walked all the way to the back of the bus. He sar down trying to find a comfortable positon to fall asleep in. To bad he couldnt, the seats were as hard as cement. " Well i guess il rest when we get there." He whispered. He then reached into his pocket and pulled out his psp.