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Carlos was quite enjoying himself until he got smacked. "Owch!" He said, as he stopped running and touched his cheek. "Hey baby what was that for?" Not sounding a bit sad, he turned to face her. "You know you can't get enough of meh!" He had specifically chosen to grab her because well, he thought she was cute! And there's nothing he likes more than cute girls. He could never maintain friendship with a girl because well, he wouldn't stop hitting on them!

Carlos went and got his suitcases. A good sized roller and an old back pack. He set them in and rearranged some of the other bags in there, making more room. In his house, you had to use every ounce of space you had. So he was good at organizing. After he was done, he stood up and went to the door of the bus. "I am so stoked! Vegas baby! Yeah!" He raised his arm slightly and made a fist as he quickly brought it back down when he said that. It was his dream to go to Vegas, and even though it was a crappy old bus, he could finally do it! He got in and found a seat in the very back, sat in the middle and stretched out his arms on the tops of the seats. "I am the king of the back of the bus!" He declared. "No one may trespass! Except maybe the girls ;)"