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"Kudasai?" asked Jacob. "There it is again. You know Sam, I hear that word come from your mouth all of the time to me, but what does it mean?" He knew it meant something mean probably though, so he turned around to face her in the seat behind him a few rows. "And guess what ma'am?" he asked sarcastically. "There shall be no sourpusses or downers on this bus I have rented at an unusually small price!" He ran back to her seat. He knew what he was about to do, would make her mad, but he liked to push her buttons.

"I know how to make a sourpuss happy though!" He sat next to her and looked at her seriously. "I know deep down, you just long to be hugged tight." He reached his arms out a held her tight. He put his hand on the back of her head and held it to his shoulder. "It's ok! I will always be here!" He knew she was resisting, but he kept hugging her for about twenty seconds, and then ran back up to the drivers seat. "And if I see that sad face again, you're off the bus!" he yelled with a smile.

"Jack. This is a school bus, and rule number one is no bad language," he said pointing up to a sign above the drivers seat. It was an old yellowed peice of paper with five rules scribbled on them from long before. "I would like you to respect those rules, thank you." He didn't know why, but he seemed very hyper today. It was probably just because school was over for a few months now, and he was happy to start it off good, by taking a road trip with friends.