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Samantha sighed heavily, it was times like these when she rethought the offer of a roadtrip, "Kudasai means please. Believe me, you'll know when I'm cussing, you'll know..." She smirked to herself, laughing on the inside at her words. There is no such thing as being to overly polite in Japanese after all.

"And yeah, we can tell that this was rented for an unusually low price, aho-senpai." She smiled slightly, as there was a certain satisfation in insulting people so subtley that they didn't notice after all, until someone sat in the seat next to her. A little close for her liking actually. Sam is huge on personal space.

"I know how to make a sourpuss happy though!" Jacob said as he sat next to her. "I know deep down, you just long to be hugged tight." Please, she thought as she rolled her eyes. Well, that was 'till she was caught up in a hug so strong and intrusive it smothered her, her face smashed into Jacob's chest, effectively cutting off all her airways. Unless she learned how to breathe out of her ears, of course. And because of the lack of air she started squirming and struggling to the best of her abilities, it was quite ineffective as her arms were trapped firmly by her sides in said deathly hug. Finally though, he let go and Samantha gasped and wheezed for air.

"And I'll bloody well cuss if I bloody well feel like it! How dare you impugne on my own bloody right to bleeding free speech, you wanker..." All this was said in a British accent, it really couldn't be helped after all, truly.

She sat back, glad to have got that out of her system for the day, and stuffed her earbuds into their places and turned up her music, cracking open a large book of many to keep her occupied until more showed up and they could be on their way. Samantha didn't pay much attention to the other occupants after that, as her music was just high enough that she could tune them out- though low enough that she was aware of her surroundings, and so she heard, "Anyone want some candy?" What an inane question, of course she did!

She raised her hand and waved it about like a loon almost yelling, "Pick me! Pick me! I want some candy!" Candy, was one of her weaknesses, particularily sour candy. Ah well, it was just as well, she supposed, that she wasn't such a 'sourpuss' on the trip anyway. Lord knows thay'd be stuck together for way to long on this bloody metal death trap.