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Setting: HappyTown2010-11-27 16:41:40, as written by Mr_Doomed
Jack looked at the sign and laughed as he herd Samantha go off. Then he told her, "Don't worry,when this bus breaks down and we are in the middle of the desert, that sign will be the first thing we use for fire wood." He then directed his attention to the candy, although it was tempting, he didn't like sour candy. He just wanted the bus ride to start. He thought that the sooner the bus started, the sooner he could get the wind flowing through it and the unbearable smell would go away.

Jackson walked around the bus and opened each of the windows that could open. They were all covered in dirt and dust that looked almost like it would never come off. The instant the first window opened, the freshness of the air gave the bus a whole new light. Who would've thought that just opening a window could make a bus feel cleaner? He thought as he moved further down the rows opening more windows. Eventually he made it to Samantha. He didn't really want to disturb her, but she did seem a little distracted by the candy.
Maybe she wouldn't notice? he thought as he began to lean over Sam to open the window.