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((I added a new female character, because I want it to be a little more even.))

Mary jumped as another honk buzzed from the bus ahead of her. She had been sleeping with her iPod in at full blast. She saw the disgusting yellow bus and gave a horrifying look, like she was watching someone being killed in front of her. "What the hell is that?!" she asked as she ran up to the door. "Lovely ride you have gotten us, Jacob." She climbed up the stairs into the bus with her bags.

"Uhm, actually, could you put the bags in the back, for safety reasons," said Jacob. "And thank you, she's worth a lot of money, so don't scratch her."

"Scratch her? So the bus is a woman?" She laughed as she got off the bus and went to the back of the bus to put the bags in the back, where the other bags were. She heaved the bags into the compartment, and shut the doors. She ran back around and boarded the crappy bus. She looked at the disgusting seats lined down the bus, ripped and torn. "Gross." She saw Samantha in the fifteenth seat, and walked back, and sat in the seat across from her. "Hey Sam," she said, and put her bags down on the floor under her seat.