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Tiger waited until everyone was aboard the bus, most people know her to go with the flow but seeing the bus looking like that made her inner diva want to escape. The rest of the gang showed their enthusiasm and shock by spilling jokes but Tiger was still staring at the big mess from the sidewalk pavement. "Jacob are we in Punk'd? Are you serious about this?" Tiger blurted as Mary climbed on.
She pulled herself up from the her seat and walked around the bus to inspect if it will let them reach Vegas. She knew this trip would be a whack, but Jacob's surprise- well it was excruciating to think they would travel miles with this... this... Thing!
She gave out a deep sigh and thought to just ride it and get it done and over with. The longer she delays it the longer her suffering would be.
"I told you Miami sounds better," She walked back to the entrance and pulled her luggage up. A big backpack and a large duffel bag.
Guys would often hit on her and thought she couldn't and wouldn't manage to carry both bags but she had carried more than those.

She found everyone else already situated on the duct taped seats while the luggage sat on top of one another. She grabbed the seat just behind Jacob's and tried to make herself comfortable. "Do the windows even open up?" She gave Jacob a raised eyebrow.