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Jacob sat there for a while pretending he didn't hear her, becuase he knew she wouldn't like the answer. He finally gave up though because she kept looking at him with a raised eyebrow. He sighed. "About half of them do, maybe less." Jacob turned forward again and mumbled to himself. "They should be happy we even have a vehicle." He put the bus into drive, and took off. He picked up the microphone and said, "Please do not get out of seats while the bus is moving. No food or drink unless it is edible or drinkable, and...ah forget it, all these rules are lame. Do whatever the hell you guys want!" He put the microphone back and laughed. It was fun to use it.

The bus made it on to the highway, that they would be on for about five hours. He picked up the map that was in the glove compartment, and handed it to the back. "Tiger or Jack, one of you, could you look at the map and tell me what exit to get off on." He dropped it in the aisle, since nobody took it in time for him to want to hold it any longer.

"Where's some food?" asked Mary, up to Jacob. She was already hungry, and she felt bad about being needy when they had only been on the bus for about ten minutes.

"There's some food in the last seats, in a cooler there's drinks, and a bag full of chips and whatever," replied Jacob. Mary walked to the back of the bus and grabbed a mountain dew in a can, and a little bag of pretzels. She sat back down and put her earphones in to listen to her favorite band, Coldplay. "I could do this for a day and a half," she thought to herself, smiling.