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Setting: HappyTown2010-11-29 23:04:45, as written by Mr_Doomed
Jack had finally managed to open the few windows that he could. It was better than nothing and even better, Sam didn't even notice when he leaned over her to at least attempt to open her window. It didn't open though. Sadly, most of the windows were like that with only about five more opened. He walked a bit further to the back of the bus closer to Carlos. He thought it would be nice to keep him company once the bus ride started. He was just turning around to say hello when Mary came in. He almost didn't even notice her enter. The only reason he did notice her was because of the face Carlos made when he saw Mary enter. Jack knew what was coming next...
"Well hello Mary!" Jack rolled his eyes as Carlos continued, "Don't worry baby you won't notice this horrible bus sitting next to me. And I don't think I will either."
Jack then just decided to get comfortable in his seat and wait for the bus to go. It was waiting for Tiger that was making Jack so anxious. He just wanted to get on the highway and start the journey.
Not to long after Mary, Tiger entered the bus. She situated herself and the bus took off.