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Setting: HappyTown2010-11-30 03:22:52, as written by infernwolf
Dax was in his own little world, sucked into his videogames. He noticed a few people get on the bus, but didnt care to look and see who they were." What the H." Dax screamed out as the Handheld videogame made a sound he wasnt to fond of." YOU LOSE." The Handheld mocked. Dax turned off the game in frustration and grabbed a couple pieces of gum and began to chew, vigerously out of anger." Damn game, and its...... stupid ways." He whispered to himself. Dax looked out the window, suprised to see that they were Moving. " When did we began the trip." He thought as he stretched and yawned. " Some one wanna pass me a soda." He shouted as he looked to the back of the bus.