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"Hey Sam, can you help me with this?" Samantha sighed, a bit peeved at being interrupted from her book. She got up anyway, to take a look at the supposedly odd map, her interest piqued just a bit. Especially because Tiger was pretty good at reading maps.

"Hn," Samantha's brown knit in confusion and concentration. The map really was odd. Or, rather, they weren't anywhere on the map in the first place. Sam took the map from Tiger's hands and turned the large paper over, searching for some kind of sign or writing that would tell her what they were looking at.

She turned it back over and held it up to the light so that she might see something that was missed in the dark of the bus floor. Nothing. Roads to nowhere. Signs with odd pictures that she'd never seen before and couldn't begin to guess the meaning of. They were most likely good and lost by now anyway, especially with the way that Jacob drove.