The Twins: A True Horror Story

The Twins: A True Horror Story


A foster home welcomes fraternal twins into their home. The story is that their mother committed suicide after their father left... but that's not what really happened. Some kids are suspicious, other welcome the kids with open arms.

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The Story
These twins were (unbeknownst to the mother) born from a demon. The mother's lover wooed her into his trap and left immediately after the mother was found to be pregnant. The twins were born and for the first two years, the kids were fine. Soon after though, they began to torment the mother with hallucinations and telekinesis. The mother was filled with fear and ended her own life, leaving the kids with no family.

The kids were taken in by the adoption center and quickly placed into foster care. Who wouldn't want a pair of twins in their home? By some kids, they were greeted kindly and treated like one of their own. Some were suspicious of the kids and were very hostile to the twins. The foster parents were called out for a business trip and left the house in charge of the oldest. What happens in the house now is all up to the eldest..

The Characters

The Twins

Sarah >> 14 >> FC: Mackenzie Foy >> Taken
She is much more soft spoken than her brother. She is shy and much more of a kid than she looks to be. She happens to be the most intimidating one of the two when possessed.

First Name Only >> 14 >> FC: Dakota Goyo >> Reserved
This kid is fearless and very forthcoming. He is very protective of his sister and will do anything for her. He tends to be a little bit of a brat, but for most of the time, he is very quiet. He is very violent and very blood thirsty whenever he is angered.

The Foster Kids

Name >> (18-20) >> FC: Shannyn Sossamon >> Open
She is unique and different from most kids, and a lesbian. She is quiet, but very judgmental of others around her. She hates the twins and wishes them dead. They really creep her out.

Name >> (17-18) >> FC: Alex Pettyfer >> Reserved
He's the cool older brother. He's not the oldest, but still very mature. He loves sports and loves being the cool guy. He is very kind, but does not take to stress very well. He is very kind to the twins, but in his own special cool way.

Name >> (15-17) >> FC: Annasophia Robbs >> Reserved
Very much an airhead. She is very girly and spacey. She is very much liked by everyone. She has a high patience. She takes everything in her calm way. She is very skeptical of the twins, but very nice to them. Everyone deserves to be treated the same way.

Name >> (15-17) >> FC: Colin Ford >> Taken
He's a thinker. The Leonardo Da Vinci of his time in a way. His room is filled with toys an gadgets, most of them are built by him. He's not a know it all, and in fact, he doesn't talk much. He's pretty neutral about the twins. He does not seem to pick a side.

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Re: The Twins: A True Horror Story

If any of the male roles open up, I wouldn't mind a shot if that's alright.

Re: The Twins: A True Horror Story

Sorry found out I can't play this RP :(

Re: The Twins: A True Horror Story

yeah.... sure bandgeek. I believe. you T^T

Yes, Ami. Spot reserved.


Re: The Twins: A True Horror Story

xD do you mind if I claim Annasophia Robbs?

Re: The Twins: A True Horror Story

Just so everyone knows, ShadowPhoenix is lying! He's the one stalking me. :3 JUST SO EVERYONE KNOWS. :D

Re: The Twins: A True Horror Story

Awesomesauce. All reserved

Re: The Twins: A True Horror Story

Yes, I found an horror rp I like. Can I reserve the overprotective twin brother, FC Dakota Goyo?
Don't mind playing a boy ;)

Re: The Twins: A True Horror Story

I think I'll take Alex..... XD I have a stralker!

Re: The Twins: A True Horror Story

I must. XD Um, well I can't play idiots or lesbians...
Colin Ford for me? :D

Re: The Twins: A True Horror Story

Bandgeek... you seem to have an attraction to my rps.... ^.^
Just tell me which roles you'd like.


Re: The Twins: A True Horror Story

:D This sounds interesting, I wouldn't mind playing one of the girls or guy

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I'm following you? Psh, you're following me actually... :P

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Bandgeek is following me O_O..... XD anyway I would love to play a male role once the guidlines are up. ^_^

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Alright, bandgeek is going to steal one of the girls. XD Just waiting for everything to be finished. :3

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