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Heaven Leigh Dahl.. Get it? Heavenly Doll! Haha! ha... Yeah, my parents were cruel.

a character in “The Unexpected”, as played by Sweet Angel Jocelyn

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Heaven has long silver-blonde hair that waves and reaches her lower back. She's a small, delicate girl of seventeen, with a full mouth and high cheekbones. Her eyes are an almost milky blue that stare off ahead of her, the only sign that she was blind. Usually she wears jeans and fitted tops, be them tank-tops or t-shirts, and converse.


Heaven is a good girl, though fiercely independent. She refused to use a cane or guide dog, instead she counted the steps in places she knew, and used her hands and feet to tell if something was around her in places she didn't know. She didn't like being treated differently for her disability, sometimes refusing to acknowledge that she couldn't do something. She's ridden a bike, a skateboard and roller-skates, and is even thinking about going skydiving. Despite her determination, she doesn't put anyone down, or like fighting. She will get snippy, but that's only if someone pushes her to it. She is extremely naive to most things that the world holds.


Heaven was born blind to professional parents. Instead of staying home, they hired specialty nannies, none of which managed to stay more than a year. Until her Mim. Mim was with her since she was seven, making sure that everything was put together and just right for her, clothes and everything. She's managed to live a fairly normal life despite her blindness and now that she can see, she wanted a good life. After the surgery that brought her sight, the young woman became more open to others. Still terribly naive, she was taken in by a boy who only wanted her for one thing and then left her alone in the middle of the woods.

When she found out that she was pregnant, the young woman's parents refused to allow her to keep the baby, and when she refused to do anything about the pregnancy they sent her away.

So begins...

HeavenLeighDahl's Story