Bridgeway Boarding School in Sacremento, CA.Patrick McCormick

Even though I didn't try to get her pregnant, I'm not letting that affect just her life.

a character in “The Unexpected”, as played by Sweet Angel Jocelyn

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Age: 17
With short brown hair and bright green eyes, Patrick can grab the attention of most women. His frame is slim, but hard muscled. Standing at six feet five inches tall, he is the perfect picture of a model.
Age: 1
Dante has fiery red hair and brilliant green eyes like his father.


Patrick is fun to be around, he likes to laugh and joke around. He has his serious sides that have insured that he doesn't go off on half-cocked ideas all the time. Most times he thinks before he acts and only acts when he knows that he has everything figured in his mind. He loves with all of his heart and would kill for the people that are closest to him. His son is the top of his list, he would do anything for the boy.


Patrick McCormick was born into a strict Irish Catholic family, in the outskirts of the County Cork in Ireland. He spent fifteen years of his life there, until his family decided to move to be away from the dangers of the constant fighting. He is an only child, and completely loved and cherished by his parents. Starting school in America, he was flocked by girls that loved his accent, but he had eyes only for one. At sixteen, he started to model to bring money into his household, and to get some spending money for himself so that he could take his girl out on dates. At seventeen, he found out that he'd gotten the girl he loved pregnant, and while people told him to just let her go, and let her have the baby on her own, he refused. He would never abandon someone like that, especially his own child, and the woman he loved. However, she abandoned him right after Dante was born. That was why he sent himself to Bridgeway.

So begins...

Patrick McCormick's Story