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We live amongst you. We breathe the same air as you. We gain your trust. Then we kill you. We are the Unknowns.

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Character Portrait: Asher Evans

"'Die?' I find it funny that you're telling me to do this. You're the mortal here."

Character Portrait: Ashton Lin Krystal

"Being perfect comes with a price. I'm an exception."

Character Portrait: Aurther Mckim

a man with dirty blonde hair and a smile on his face decides to follow you

Character Portrait: Rosetta Vanset Stoane {Roh-set-a} {Van-set} {

"The birds that are born in cages can never fly."

Character Portrait: Aevia R


Character Portrait: Ryouto Mitsunobu

"I see what you can't see. What I see now if Yurkimura doing the bunny-ears prank on you."

Character Portrait: Adine Kapugen

"You defile the precious earth with your presence."

Character Portrait: Camille Nightshade

"People always ask me why I never stay in one place for long, and I always say the same thing: I never really belong anywhere. Never have. Never will."

Character Portrait: Adion Volf

"If you can free from this for, I will be in your dept."

Character Portrait: Hiro Kokotsu

"I do not like this, one bit."