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Modern Times

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         He went flying. Adion went flying. His rage was still flowing, and the byproduct of the fey's corruption of him was flowing from his teeth.

When he landed, he landed on a cop car. He was still protected by the black blob's armor form as the cops shot at him with tasers and pistols. He smashed through them without a care in the world. Something was telling him to fight, to find it, and to protect it from those who made him. The blob was not the source of this, but it acted like a relay, making the signal stronger than it should have been. This made Adion's rage burn without end, far worse then when he had just fought the fey.

At one point, the military decided to step in. Thus, adding Humvees to the explosions and flying vehicles. The soldiers tried explosives and assault rifles and armor piercing rounds, but nothing seemed to break Adion's black armor. The fey could not have predicted the creation of such a mad beast from their actions. Finally, some of the fey who were in the background decided to have some fun. The military could not resist them, and followed their orders. A tank was what the fey had ordered. If anything less then a nuke could stop this beast, it was a tank. The first shot hit Adion, doing little more then making him slide a few inches. Withing the blink of an eye, Adion ran up to the tank, ripped its barrel off, and smashed the rest of the vehicle with the barrel.

"Sleep. Sleep. Sleep, wild one." Said a voice Adion could not place. It did not sound as smooth as a fey's or as blunt as a human's. Still, Adion could not resist its call. He used his speed as a means to escape, finding some back alley with a dead hobo and a smashed fire pit. This is wear Adion went to sleep.

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