Hilda Vaulke

"The light of hope burns eternal."

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Hilda Vaulke

"Wherever my journey takes me, I shall not falter."
Ostara - Heidevolk


Full Name
Hilda Vaulke



One of the human-controlled Northern territories, distant enough to consider themselves relatively isolated from the war between the Alliance and Horde.





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General Description
Hilda has many of the features common among humans from the Northlands; blonde hair, fair skin, and a robust constitution despite her lean build. She carries herself with the dignity of her noble heritage, taking care not to let her appearance become dishevelled and unkempt from the long marches on the open road.


Hilda holds true to the ideals of the heroes she strives to emulate; a strong will and a noble heart, ready to step in and lend aid to those who require it. However, idealistic she may be, she is far from naive. A couple of years on the road and being taught beforehand are more than enough education on the ample dangers of the wide world. Much like her kinsmen, she considers herself a neutral party in the conflict between the Alliance and Horde, though she would be inclined to lend aid to a fellow human as a matter of principle. Besides aspiring to become such a renowned fighter, Hilda has also garnered quite the fondness for travel and study, eagerly recording her experiences in a leather bound journal.

To see the world and chronicle her adventures, helping those she can along the way.



Hilda's a defensive fighter, relying on a nimble step and a good shield to dodge or block attacks before returning the favour when the opportunity presents itself. While her defences are pretty decent, a solid hit that bypasses them would throw her off balance, likely leaving her open to a successive attack.

Hilda's elemental affinity lies with the storms, in particular a mix of lightning and air magic. A sword wreathed in arcing electricity can do much to a heavily armoured opponent, and a small yet swift gust of wind can trip up one who relies more on their reflexes. Unlike the traditional mage, a Spellblade such as herself has very little in the way of ranged firepower besides the occasional lightning bolt.

Weapon Skills
The classic sword and round shield are Hilda's armaments of choice. She is also somewhat capable of using a dagger in combat, and perhaps able to hold her own in a bar room brawl if needed.

Protection Type
Hilda's armour, while including metal plates in those vital areas round the shoulders, torso and limbs, is more designed around manoeuvrability than taking direct hits. That's what the shield is for.


The Story so Far
Being the youngest child of three in the Vaulke family - a minor noble house situated in the North - Hilda was free from the pressures of being expected to inherit her family's title and lands. Thus, she was relatively free to choose which path in life she wanted. Growing up on tales of great adventurers told by a couple of the servants who took a shine to her, she was quick to express her desire to learn the way of the sword and study magical theory. Hilda's parents saw little reason to discourage their daughter who held so much passion, even if her motivation had sprung from a childish fantasy. They sent for an experienced Spellblade to tutor their daughter when she was old enough, to see if she had the will to see this dream of hers through.

Over the years, the rigorous training honed the bright-eyed little girl into an intelligent, disciplined young woman. Eager to put her skills to good use, Hilda spent her time aiding the local militia in keeping the peace and fighting off the occasional raiding party, which endeared her to the common folk. And yet she yearned for more. To see the world she had heard so many stories about with her own eyes. And so for the past two years, she has done just that, seeing the sights and aiding those in need along the way.

Bellemere - Hilda originally crossed paths with this curious woman during her travels, and the two of them ended up getting along quite well together. Funnily enough, Bellemere has proven to be a delightful source of conversation, when she's in the mood for it.

So begins...

Hilda Vaulke's Story

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The door went suddenly open and two tall figures walked in. As they went into the reach of the lights, it was revealed that these are two men, one wearing a mage's robe and a pretty silly hat, while the other one, a real mountain when it comes to height, was wearing an armor made out of some strange material no one in the room could recognize. Both took a seat at one of the free tables, contemplating the warmth and the cozy atmosphere the Jackall had to offer.
“Now that's some lovely place, don't you think so, brother?” asked the mage, smirking the whole time. “Perhaps I can make it even lovelier. Hey, bartender, tonight all drinks go on me!” he yelled, so everyone present could hear him. “Now that's how you attract their attention.” he said quiet towards his companion.
“Was it really necessary, brother?” the tall man made himself more comfortable on the table and took off his helmet.
“Well, if you want people to notice you, you have to first pique their interest. And that's what I did. You need a job and this place looks better like an orc's yurt, so stop complaining.” the mage also took off the silly hat.
“I can't say you didn't pique their interest. I just can't stand all those people looking at me like that.” the warrior noticed too many stares coming their way. This wasn't going to be a peaceful evening, for sure.
“Well, I only threw the bait, now I'm waiting for the catch.” the mage didn't see that bothered, smirking a lot. Oh, this evening will be interesting, for sure.

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The Spicy Jackal… a curious name for a tavern, but Hilda was not one to question it too much, particularly as said establishment offered a welcome reprieve from the open road for herself and her companion. A couple of drinks and a table far enough away from the general hubbub was all that they needed to enjoy themselves.

Yet even from where they were sat, the pair could all too easily hear a loud voice addressing all and sundry, promising free drinks for everyone. The swordswoman glanced in the direction of the speaker to see an armoured warrior and a robed wizard, both clad in quite possibly the most ridiculous-looking garb she had seen outside of circus performers.

“Must be some deep pockets they have, to make such an offer so readily,” Hilda wryly remarked before turning back to her friend. “What is it about these places that attracts such outlandish people?”

Outlandish certainly was the proper word for it. The woman beside the warrior shook her head.

Although truth be told, Bellemere had only duly noted the rowdy duo inviting everyone to buy a drink on their tab. Amusing, if somewhat inconspicuous given that strangers didn’t typically respond well to loud-mouths with money to spend. Not unless they could steal it, anyway. Similarly, the mute woman hadn’t given much thought entertaining the prospect of taking that offer and instead resumed scraping dirt from underneath her fingernails with the point of a dagger; as much a need as it was a way to disguise her spying habit.

She took some notes, like the obvious skeleton in the room (which certainly made her turn for a better look), the giant fellow in armour and its much smaller companion, but otherwise most people went without comment. All the same, Bellemere had her metaphorical guard up. Ears pricked and catching whispers so carelessly dropped.

She paused, looking at Hilda with something not unlike a smirk. The swordswoman caught that look, and flashing back a smile of her own she said, “Heard something interesting, I take it?”

Smirk pronounced, edging the shimmering of a grin at the bemusement. Still, it wasn't exactly high magic to tell from obvious signs. Bellemere, for all her training, never did master subtlety when it came to expressing joy anyway. She nodded, a finger jutted towards the growing mess of a group.

With months of petty payments and guard patrol duty for merchants that sold the equivalent of cow dung, well… Maybe taking a chance with the not so inconspicuous party had some more value.

Plus, free drinks.

Bellemere gestured her companion to follow, shifting behind the swordswoman as to adopt a more obedient and passive body language. She'd trust Hilda to get the hint. Made more sense that she'd take the lead anyway.

Although in their short time, typically, the mute woman jumped for the chance to make would-be friends. There was something about getting a clue from this rag-tag band of individuals who had all congregated around the jolly mage and his less enthusiastic brother.

Hilda took note of her companion’s excitement. It didn’t take long to weigh up the pros and cons of embarking on this venture. After all, if they felt that it wasn’t worth the money, they could always try their luck elsewhere. “I suppose it can’t hurt to see what they’re offering. Shall we?”

The swordswoman got up from her seat, making her way towards the motley group with Bellemere in tow. She gave them a polite greeting as she approached. Bellemere did much the same, nodding along with Hilda's more friendly and approachable introduction.

“Any room for two more?” she asked with a warm smile. “If this is for a job, my friend and I would certainly be interested in joining you.”