Moonlight Driftwood

"All the world's a stage, don't ruin the play by looking behind the curtain"

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a character in “The Valleys of War”, as played by Sepokku


Moonlight Driftwood

"Nothing Personal Loves"
Narcissistic Cannibal - Earlyrise


Full Name
Moonlight Driftwood is her most common alias
She uses so many names her real one almost feels fake
Lavinia Vi Fiala, of House Fiala

The Red Queen



The Underdark







General Description
Moonlight's particular line-of work requires donning many aliases; from street performer, nun, assassin, beggar, no look is beyond her grasp. Her natural skin is a shade of lavender, eyes being only a few shades darker than that. Her hair is a common shade of white, as many Drow sport this feature. However, these features tend to change with her costumes, dyeing her hair, using illusions to change eye color, or careful application of make-up can make her look like someone else entirely. A lifetime of fighting has made her slender and willowy with whip-cord musculature.



As varied as the costumes she dons, each persona has their own unique personality, so much so that maybe deep down Moonlight isnt sure who she really is. The Church is her life, and always will be as far as she knows. Every life is her Mother's, and their blood her wine, the word of the Church is sacred, as far as she is concerned their word is law.

[✔] Blood
[✔] Cigarillos
[✔] Wine
[✔] New Jobs
[✔] Cats
[✔] Work

[✖] Orcs
[✖] Dwarves
[✖] Blunt Weapons
[✖] Soup
[✖] Boars

A Blade of the Church of Our Lady of Blessed Murder; a disciple of the Blood God, and devotee to the church. In her free time, alchemy is the only other pursuit, as a poisoned mist kills as surely as a blade in the night.

Moonlight longs to fulfill her Goddess's will, but also deep down, she harbors a dark grudge against the underdark. Planning to return there, and resurrect her House through the grace of the Church



Cleric of the Blood God / Rogue

Physical Strengths
The term elven grace is not lost on Moonlight, given a sharp blade, the girl could make mincemeat of a moving target so quickly the target wouldn't realize they had died until their body simply stopped responding to their commands. This same dexterity lends itself to her stealth, making her utterly silent when sneaking, and capable of distributing her weight to support herself over even the most tenuous surfaces.

Physical Weaknesses
Trouble seeing in bright lights, and lacking the endurance needed for extended engagements, Moonlight splinters like Driftwood in frontal confrontations. The girl's lithe form lacks the muscle that a warrior would have, and as such she has trouble staying in fights when every reasonable fiber of her being is screaming to run.

Magic Strengths
The Lady of Blessed Murder is but one of many faces of the Blood God that the Red Church worships, but Moonlight has found favor with this aspect of the God. Shadow magic comes naturally to Moonlight, and she can move along the penumbra easier than driftwood floating through the ocean.

Magic Weaknesses
Most Drow are averse to Light magic, the Underdark has precious little light, and bright lights alone can hurt their vision. The Lady of Blessed Murder's gift made Moonlight doubly so, to the point where even novice practitioners of the art are able to suppress her.

Weapon Skills
Daggers, Bows, Poisons, Tonics, Traps, Alchemical items

Protection Type
Enchanted leather armor, made by the Church and interwoven with various protections



The Story so Far
The Underdark was a dreary place. If it wasn't ghouls, it was giant spiders. If it wasn't another warring House trying to drive her lineage into extinction, it was a Lich coming up from the darkest depths of the Lowerrdark. Moonlight had to get away. As a female in a matriarchal society, she was expected to take over for her House as master Herbalist, second only to her Elder Sister, Tenebrae. However, the Blood Goddess had different plans for this girl. Her house was destroyed, raids from the Lowerdark by a pack of intelligent Undead. Terrified and alone, she was taken captive by the Undead. As they approached the surface, it became evident they planned to eat her. It was then that a miracle happened. The Undead began in-fighting, and their leader was killed. In the confusion, more of the Undead dropped dead for seemingly no reason. A group of Assassins from the Church of Our Lady of Blessed Murder had been sent to retrieve her. A vision from their Goddess told them that a little girl they found there would be the next leader of their Chapter. She has since passed her training, picking up and utilizing many skills of the Church to do its work wherever she is needed. Silver-tongued, sharp-witted, and quick with a blade, Driftwood floats wherever the stream of blood takes her, devoting her dark craft to her Lady. Her most popular persona is "The Mockingbird," an enigmatic figure who appears and disappears seemingly at whimsy. The Mockingbird has been linked to numerous power coups, court assassinations, and the untimely fall of many a Kingdom. However equally common rumors denote the Mockingbird as an Angel of Mercy, who only exists to cleanse the filth of the world.


So begins...

Moonlight Driftwood's Story

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#, as written by Sepokku
Moonlight sat quietly in the back of the tavern, her face powdered white with caps on her ears, so that she looked human to the casual observer. The Spicy Jackal wasn't stranger to wanderers either, and her hood helped obscure her visage from would be problems that may otherwise recognize her. Jackals... The girl thought to herself Indicative of abandonment... such is the path of the Jackal perhaps...

It wasn't strange the Dark Mother would draw her children to a place of abandonment, it was stranger though, that this place was so lively and full of adventuring folk. Usually the Mother preferred quiet places of solemn reflection. The warm firelit glow of the tavern was taxing on her eyes, and the people's noises grating on her ears. Nevertheless, Her Lady of Blessed Murder called her here for a reason, and she wouldn't leave without moving to that end.

Her glamoured eyes, colored dark brown, glanced about the tavern. Her target wasn't here yet, but they would be soon, in the meantime the girl sipped at her mead. It was sweet, a bit too honeyed for her liking, and weak on the spice, but it was strong and cheap. Hard to come by where she came from, regardless of quality. She savored the honeyed taste on her tongue, while biding her time.

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The door went suddenly open and two tall figures walked in. As they went into the reach of the lights, it was revealed that these are two men, one wearing a mage's robe and a pretty silly hat, while the other one, a real mountain when it comes to height, was wearing an armor made out of some strange material no one in the room could recognize. Both took a seat at one of the free tables, contemplating the warmth and the cozy atmosphere the Jackall had to offer.
“Now that's some lovely place, don't you think so, brother?” asked the mage, smirking the whole time. “Perhaps I can make it even lovelier. Hey, bartender, tonight all drinks go on me!” he yelled, so everyone present could hear him. “Now that's how you attract their attention.” he said quiet towards his companion.
“Was it really necessary, brother?” the tall man made himself more comfortable on the table and took off his helmet.
“Well, if you want people to notice you, you have to first pique their interest. And that's what I did. You need a job and this place looks better like an orc's yurt, so stop complaining.” the mage also took off the silly hat.
“I can't say you didn't pique their interest. I just can't stand all those people looking at me like that.” the warrior noticed too many stares coming their way. This wasn't going to be a peaceful evening, for sure.
“Well, I only threw the bait, now I'm waiting for the catch.” the mage didn't see that bothered, smirking a lot. Oh, this evening will be interesting, for sure.

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As he entered the tavern named "The Spicy Jackal", Skelly immediately felt the liveliness of the place. It was very different from the undead settlements he is used to come across. When some undead spoke about a place where he could hear a lot of things from a variety of topics, his thirst for discoveries instantly came up. Although he didn't plan for all this agitation. His magical senses were overloaded by the atmosphere, drunken people laughing loudly, the torches and the fireplace brightening the main hall, and the sweet aroma of alcohols in the mugs. A mask hiding his skull under his hood, he felt uncomfortable. Not being very social, and also not used to seeing this much living people, he didn't know what to do nor where he could sit. It was also his first tavern since his awakening, so he was clueless on how things work around here. He proceeded to find a free table, away from the crowd's look, and sat, waiting in hope of some random and valuable piece of knowledge that would at least make this "expedition" worth the risk.

At some point, two figures entered the tavern, one wearing a mage's robe and a funny hat and the other one an armor, though Skelly couldn't guess what the materials were. But he wasn't interested by the armor, nor by the man wearing it. He was intrigued by the mage, and also wanted to see if he could hear an interesting thing or two from them. Luckily, they both sat at a free table near his. The mage yelled :

"Hey, bartender, tonight all drinks go on me!",

soon replied by someone upstairs asking for drinks for him and his companions.

By eavesdropping, he learned that the mage and the armored man are brothers, and are in search for a job for the armored one.
For now, the intel collect wasn't that great, but it was slowly beginning. Skelly sat back and waited for the evening to set.

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“So, how's Milina doing?” the mage asked his companion.
“We broke up few weeks ago. It... wasn't working out how I was expecting.” the warrior blushed a bit, while the mage chuckled.
“So, how didn't it work out like you were expecting, brother?” the magician seemed to have too much fun in making fun of his brother.
“Well, you should know, because she's one of your magical friends... She tried to convince me that the Alliance isn't like it was, so I should really got back and you know, fight for them. I asked her to not push me on this topic and we both got really angry and... yeah...” the tall man focused on his beer.
“That's the problem with both of you, bro. You both care about each other so much and you also care about your own ideologies, so it will eventually end up breaking yours and hers heart.” the grin changed into a delicate smile. “The only way for you both to get along is for one of you to stop behaving like a moron and get over it that the other side isn't willing to change. And it will take a while, I guess. Or perhaps you'll find another person. But with your attitude, I doubt it will be ever possible.” the mage chuckled again.
“I know, bro. Changing the topic, if we can: what's your goal in all of this? I mean, I guess it's nice that you try to find me a job, but it isn't all you're looking for and I know it... Wait, did you discover any information about the Soul Shards?” the warrior raised his eyebrow.
“Shhh, don't say it out loud, someone might hear it. Yes, I'm still searching for the Soul Shards. The Alliance wants to know more about those.” the mage seemed to become more serious than just a moment ago.
“So, how do the Shards work, actually? I know that mages use them to power up their magic, but what are those actually?” the warrior didn't want to get off the topic.
The mage became very serious as he answered. “The Soul Shards aren't just a mana fuel... This are pieces of souls, collected after an undead was created. If you gather enough, it is said you can revive an undead and bring them back to actual life. It's only a legend, but there are many to believe that it is true.”
“So... Your friends are using dead people's souls to power up their spells?” the warrior cringed again at the realization.
“Yes. But I don't wanna talk about it anymore. It's an upsetting topic.” the mage took a sip from his cup.

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#, as written by Zaria
Soon Gaveth, and his... companions as he now had to call them, got their drinks. Served by a good looking, and most of all busty farm girl, with ginger hair.
He took a sip of his drink, and winced. It was a ginger ale, of fucking course it had to be - ginger hair, and ginger ale. What an irony. Especially since he hates it, but to hell with it, he missed a drink for a long time.
He drank like a child drinking mother's milk, all while staring at the two, and the woman to a degree. Busty she was, but not as busty, as his queenie was.
Strangely enough, the two didn't even bother to move, nor look at the woman. Definitely there's something wrong with them, especially that big guy - how can he not enjoy the company of a woman? Just how?
Oh, right, he's dead. Still, dead shouldn't exactly mean he can't... right? Wait, what am I even thinking? - Gaveth choked on the ale. He had to reassure the woman, that he's fine for few times, before she would leave them, after the unfortunate small... accident with ale.
I hate ale, he thought, and sighed. Then carefully examined the smaller one.
Careful examination of the posture, build... could tell a lot, for example, that it was a woman after all. How he exactly knew, with all that traveler's clothes on her, well. Best left as a secret - but the gist of it involves elven women, and a joke.
Time to focus on that face of hers, or rather an old mask with tribal markings, cuts, and signs. All for the sake of a right appearence, a way to recognize to which tribe wearer belongs to, and some... other things tribes tend to do. - Niv really liked that sort of thing, now that he thinks about it...
"Are you done?" – Cold voice brought him back to reality, to the masked one, cause that's the only talkative one so far.
"Done drinking? Not a chance. Haven't had an ale, let alone a good beer in a long time."
Obviously... he'd rather drink something stronger, but beggars can't be choosers.
"No, are you done checking me out?"
"I... – he hesitated –... I would never do such a thing to my employer." – Well, but he just did. Though he doubts there's something interesting underneath, probably just bones, so it's good to see "her" in clothes.
"This is tiring..." – the masked one raised right hand for the first time, and tried to reach own forehead, obviously that would only end in touching the upper part of mask.
"Speak, or we're done."
"Yeah, well, little princess.. I would certainly speak, if I were aware of what you want to know, and... knowledge has a price."
It's hard to tell, whether the little princess part pissed her off, but he'd say yes. Her next words confirmed it.
"Say that again, and you'll be nothing more than a sack of bones!"– She hissed, catching attention of few patrons, well, more than he would hope for. - It's always bad to catch attention.
"Settle down, young one – He said, grinning, for some strange reason he enjoyed pissing her off - even if it meant death by the hands of that big guy sitting beside her.
Still, that armor has to weight a bit, how can you not move at all? - he thought.
"Tell me what you need, and I will tell you what I know, for a price." – Gaveth repeated, clearly now.
A short silence came, before she asked:
"What price?"
Oh, oh sweet maker no! Not another weirdo, that doesn't know they need to pay for information! Oh, come on! - Thought never said, but straining his mind.
"Coins, silver, gold, or copper. The most common type of money in these land, well, kingdom. Some kingdoms have different type of" - he was cut off, due to her putting on a table a type of coin, he had not seen in years.
"That's a coin from Veneria..." – he said lightly.
Kingdom, from which his second in command came, kingdom full of prosperity, and one of the first to fall. Coins such as the one he sees are rare, but worthless in current economy. Even if he were to find a buyer, it would take time, and that's the thing he lacks the most.
"Rare, but worthless."
"It's a currency, money."
"Correct, but long lost, can't use it to buy food, a night in this tavern, or any other. It's worthless, unless you find a collector." Or... reach one of the more prominent kingdoms, that could melt it, and use the materials.
"So, it has worth." – She's still pushing, understandable. But he won't, he simply won't accept it.
"No, not to me, I don't have time to travel."
Silence again, she got up, he had a feeling she's bit resigned - well, she looked like it, but it's hard to tell. Or maybe she's just totally pissed off.
"If you're so keen on getting information out of me, you could just do a quest from the board with me." – He said just in time, just when she turned with her companion to leave.
"A board?" – She asked, caught just like a fish.
"Yeah, on the lower level, there's a board that adventurers most of the time use, with quests to do. You know, like a jobs for people that are willing to risk their life."
"Why..." – she turned, intended to ask why it even existed, he's sure of it. But she never finished.
Why? Why does it exist? Good question, one, that he has no answer for. It's probably a case of who knows - maybe they are lazy, corrupt, or just found that it's best to leave it to people who want to make a living that way.
He took another sip from the cup, last one, with it the cup was empty.

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#, as written by Sepokku
They will do... Something about adventurers caused them to congregate together, like sheep gathering for the slaughter. Wait in a tavern long enough and like grains of sand, they start rolling slowly into rocks.... These pebbles should skip across the proverbial river well enough. So the girl stood up, heels clicking as she made her way over to what she could only assume to be adventurers.

Along the way, another person also seemed to be making their way to the same group. With a few quick steps, she closed distance between the new figure, putting an arm around its shoulders. The lack of flesh on the creature was a start, but not uncommon where she came from.

Reaching into her robes with her free arm, she withdrew a pouch of coin, and closed scroll depositing both silently on the table. Without looking at anyone at the table, she took a seat, pushing the stranger she'd dragged with her into a free chair. Waiting, she began absentmindedly drumming fingers against the table.

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Noticing a strange behaviour of another person, both brothers raised their eyebrows, eyeing the woman who suddenly grabbed the one who was trying to approach them, dragging him to a nearby table, which actually caused some disturbance due to other guests getting pissed off with someone sitting by their table. Brothers made short eye-contact with each other, Kerph noded and they showed Gaveth, Feiska and Grim to follow. They went over to the table and stood there, looking down at the two weirdos, now more mysterious than before.
“Not the best way to draw attention” commented Kerph, looking in the eyes of the person who caused the most disturbance with her sudden, unexpected behaviour.

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The Spicy Jackal… a curious name for a tavern, but Hilda was not one to question it too much, particularly as said establishment offered a welcome reprieve from the open road for herself and her companion. A couple of drinks and a table far enough away from the general hubbub was all that they needed to enjoy themselves.

Yet even from where they were sat, the pair could all too easily hear a loud voice addressing all and sundry, promising free drinks for everyone. The swordswoman glanced in the direction of the speaker to see an armoured warrior and a robed wizard, both clad in quite possibly the most ridiculous-looking garb she had seen outside of circus performers.

“Must be some deep pockets they have, to make such an offer so readily,” Hilda wryly remarked before turning back to her friend. “What is it about these places that attracts such outlandish people?”

Outlandish certainly was the proper word for it. The woman beside the warrior shook her head.

Although truth be told, Bellemere had only duly noted the rowdy duo inviting everyone to buy a drink on their tab. Amusing, if somewhat inconspicuous given that strangers didn’t typically respond well to loud-mouths with money to spend. Not unless they could steal it, anyway. Similarly, the mute woman hadn’t given much thought entertaining the prospect of taking that offer and instead resumed scraping dirt from underneath her fingernails with the point of a dagger; as much a need as it was a way to disguise her spying habit.

She took some notes, like the obvious skeleton in the room (which certainly made her turn for a better look), the giant fellow in armour and its much smaller companion, but otherwise most people went without comment. All the same, Bellemere had her metaphorical guard up. Ears pricked and catching whispers so carelessly dropped.

She paused, looking at Hilda with something not unlike a smirk. The swordswoman caught that look, and flashing back a smile of her own she said, “Heard something interesting, I take it?”

Smirk pronounced, edging the shimmering of a grin at the bemusement. Still, it wasn't exactly high magic to tell from obvious signs. Bellemere, for all her training, never did master subtlety when it came to expressing joy anyway. She nodded, a finger jutted towards the growing mess of a group.

With months of petty payments and guard patrol duty for merchants that sold the equivalent of cow dung, well… Maybe taking a chance with the not so inconspicuous party had some more value.

Plus, free drinks.

Bellemere gestured her companion to follow, shifting behind the swordswoman as to adopt a more obedient and passive body language. She'd trust Hilda to get the hint. Made more sense that she'd take the lead anyway.

Although in their short time, typically, the mute woman jumped for the chance to make would-be friends. There was something about getting a clue from this rag-tag band of individuals who had all congregated around the jolly mage and his less enthusiastic brother.

Hilda took note of her companion’s excitement. It didn’t take long to weigh up the pros and cons of embarking on this venture. After all, if they felt that it wasn’t worth the money, they could always try their luck elsewhere. “I suppose it can’t hurt to see what they’re offering. Shall we?”

The swordswoman got up from her seat, making her way towards the motley group with Bellemere in tow. She gave them a polite greeting as she approached. Bellemere did much the same, nodding along with Hilda's more friendly and approachable introduction.

“Any room for two more?” she asked with a warm smile. “If this is for a job, my friend and I would certainly be interested in joining you.”

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#, as written by Zaria
Wait? What the hell is going on here? First there's this another weirdo with a mask, then yet another masked weirdo steals him, and leads to a table with random patrons. And now... just as we're following, cause of course brothers had to move.
Well, fine, I would check it myself. Anyway, as we move, yet another two join in.

“Any room for two more? If this is for a job, my friend and I would certainly be interested in joining you.”
Man, crowdy. - He thought, while Lich, and her friend slowly grew annoyed. Too much time is wasted here, in Lich's opinion.

"I guess there is... - Gaveth said -... we could get a bigger fish." Fish? Really? Man, they'll think I'm a fisherman, from a small village, which happens to be the truth, though that's a long, long... gone past.