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This is a list of locations that can be found in The Valleys of War.

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Ebozon Woods

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         Makana's confident and thrilled vibe, was drastically interrupted by a loud whistling sound. Dread and alarm instantly replaced the prior, as the half orc whipped around, only to see an arrow whirl past, straight into the beast's eyes.

The arachnid let out an uncomfortably sounding shriek as it fumbled back. Adrenaline rushed through her body as she readied her axe into a more battle ready stance, and darted forward, plunging her axe at the beast. "HAAA!" She cried out as the blow managed to strike at the beast's head, disabling more of its sight.

Her battle cry echoed through the previously quiet forest. Probably not a very stealthy move as another spider jumped down from above, landing directly on her. It's pincers frantically biting at Makana in attempts to paralyse her. Luckily her axe was held strongly between herself and the creature. Unfortunately her torch was released due to being startled. It was good that the other spider as still trying to recollect itself after the second blow, as well as being startled by the fire of her torch.

But now the half orc was in a bit of a pickle. If she could manage to briefly hold on with one hand, and grab her other axe attached by her side, then she could strike again. It was a gamble, and she didn't have much time. It wouldn't be long before the other spider would try and finish her off. Think and decide quickly.

The ominous woods that engulf Ebozon. All must venture via the run down paths to get to the city known as BleakMouth


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         /say Uh ok, then I will make one. (My nine tails sway behind me as I smell around the area for anyone else that might be near me)

Neutral State


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         If there is a person here, please say something. The silence is deafening.

Tauren State

Dispel and That Spell

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         Dranten was holding the door for the entire party they created for now. Him, his brother, the shabby old soldier Gaveth, the weird woman and her mute companion, a bunch of weirdos, entering a shop with even more weirdos in robes, or should he rather call them mages? The shop was just filled with men and women wearing those freaking dresses, reading books or looking at the ingredients inside of jars that looked way too much like humanoid body parts.

"So as I said before, just stock up on needed stuff. Two books at maximum, we ain't got much." Gaveth said while entering, behind him girl in a white dress with white hair and a mask... accompanied by the strange looking giant of a fellow. Who wore a full plate dark, and somewhat rusty armor, all while carrying a two handed sword on his back.

Last person to enter was Kerpheres, the mage, following the masked man, one of the poor creatures condemned to strive as undead. The man was explaining something to the poor guy, who didn't give many sounds from himself. “So, you see, I'm not sure if the Soul Shards might really help you or if they are just a legend. Also, I've heard stories about more types of those Shards, so even if we find some, it doesn't mean they will help you in any way. But we still can help you figure out something about yourself first, if you want.”

South East of Fogton, on the border near the docks to Ebozon, there is an interesting shop that sells all your magic needs.

The Spicy Jackal

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         Tension settled, and butting heads was no longer an option resting on the wonky table that these people had managed to gather themselves around. Relief came in several sighs, and Bellemere glimpsed the closing statements on that rune-drawing business the mage had took a sudden interest in. It seemed, from his expression and tone, that he was convinced that Hilda’s weapons were wrongly engraved; despite the northerner insisting there weren’t any magical traces on the weapon. The mute woman didn’t feel inclined to comment, acceptance was easier to deal with and after several respectful nods Bellemere exited the tavern with Hilda in tow.

One of the finest Taverns in all of Ebozon! Grab a bit to eat, a swig of beer, and pass out in a cosy candle lit room lined with wooden floor boards.


Capital of Ocith

Sanctum Mesa

Capital of Fogton


Capital of Kugh Drogvur

Maetrine Gardens

Simple gardens with a water feature

Elven Ruins

Ancient Elven Ruins. In the past there were more small groups of Elves spread throughout the lands. After many wars amongst the races, colonies were wiped out. Including this one. Discover its secrets.


Capital of Aman


Capital of Glimton

Dawnfell City Gardens

Fantastic, well kept gardens within the city.


Capital of Nilahil

Brawnlyn Keep

Capital of Thulgron


Capital of Ebozon


Capital of Aruan