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"I'm bored. . . . Hurry and provide your Queen with entertainment!!"

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Axelle LéClair

Nostalogic – MEIKO
Role: NPC
Alias: The Scarlett Queen
Nationality: French-American
Gender: Female
Birth Date: April 19th, 1987
Age: 24

Appearance: Axelle is a woman who is well aware of her physical loveliness, charms and charisma. She is anything but shy about showing off her skin, her figure and her beauty. Her lips are always painted a rouge coloring, you’ll never ever see her without red lips, and she is always dressed in an extravagant fashion. Most commonly, she dresses to show off her skin, but still to maintain a sense of mystery.

Every bit of her clothing is red, red, red, red. She LOVES the color of red, and every piece of clothing she owns from her shoes, to her accessories, are all some shade of red unless it’s a piece of jewelry. If there is a gemstone set in a ring or a necklace on her though, it has to some sort of red one, like ruby. Some of her clothing though is black, but she mainly uses that as a color to better set off her crimson clothing, and it plays its role as a secondary color.

Axelle’s skin is flawless, there is not a single marking that tarnishes her skin; she always keeps her skin very fair, and light, making sure to never get a tan. In addition, it is not unusual to see Axelle with crimson colored irises. As she loves the color red, she will often wear colored contacts that make her normally brown eyes look red.

Height: 5 ft 6 ins
Weight: 136 lbs
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Red (Truly are brown)

Personality: A twisted woman who always makes sure things go her way, Axelle LéClair is a lady to fear. Despite the fact she has an appearance comparable to that of a rose, she is anything but fragile, she’s a fighter, fierce, never backing down until she wins. She has a very domineering personality, controlling, she always has to be in control of any plan or scheme she is involved in. At a young age she began to call herself ‘The Scarlett Queen,’ and deemed that one day she would be the Queen of the Underworld. Of course, her parents laughed this claim off, and simply thought it was her playing pretend as all children her age tended to do.

They were very wrong however; Axelle was doing anything but playing pretend, from a very young age she had already formed a cold and cunning sort of personality that would be required for her to take the position she sought after; to be a Queen of the Underworld. She never allowed people to get too close to her, to ever understand how she thought, or her actions, she always acted in sort of a pre-thought out manner that seemed completely unnatural. The pattern of how she acted seemed to shift and change constantly, meaning she never seemed to have a definable persona.

Today, Axelle still refuses to let anyone understand her mentality, she views anyone getting too close to her as a weakness, and weakness is something she cannot afford. She views everyone around her as a pawn, no more than chess pieces in a game she’s concocted all on her own, and she believes herself in control of the events that transpire all over New Ithaca. Axelle can be sadistic, cruel, yet at times can act sweet, sincere and easily fool people into thinking she is an ordinary woman. Sans those who are under her command, no one in the Underworld of New Ithaca knows who Axelle is beyond her self-give name.

And that’s the way Axelle wants to keep it until the time is right, she is cocky and arrogant, but she’s also reclusive and a secretive woman who is intelligent, knowing that it would be best to keep herself hidden until she knows no one is able to stop her. If you disappoint her, you’re lucky to leave her presence with only a broken bone; if she’s in a foul mood she won’t hesitate to take someone’s life if she thinks of them as useless to her and her plans.

Axelle finds humanity interesting, really, she does, but she thinks people are useless, and that she deserves to rule over them all. Also, she loves the spotlight, she loves to be the center of attention, and in line with her domineering personality, and being aware of her physical beauty, Axelle can pass herself off as a flirt, charming men into thinking her harmless when really she can be their worst nightmare.
Oddities: What can be said? Everything about Axelle is rather odd.

Likes: The color red, ordering people around, watching interesting events play out around her, singing and performing.
Dislikes: Idiots, people failing her, when things don’t go her way, insects, and getting messy.
Hobbies: Watching people, singing, furthering her plans, ordering her people around.
Phobia(s): None, Axelle has no known phobias.

Power: None


Axelle is a stunningly intelligent woman, from the time she was very young, she always seemed to act far different from those around her, preferring her own company to others. She was always thinking, calculating, deciding what her next move would be, she claims to always have the next twenty steps planned out for what she is going to do next; including alternate plans in case something doesn’t turn out the way she is predicting. Should another set of circumstances arise, she has a plan for that as well. Her intelligence has not failed her yet, and it makes her utterly fearless.

The natural charisma Axelle possesses allows her to easily sway people’s hearts into doing her deeds, and following her every command. People will flock to her because she knows how to use her body language, and her voice to fool people and make them sympathize with her.

While normally Axelle does not have to lift even a finger in her schemes and plans to further her dominance over the Underground crime organizations in New Ithaca; should Axelle ever have to do combat, she’s a capable fighter. With the ability to plan many of her moves ahead of time, no matter the situation, she knows when she is able to strike. She’s had training in several fighting styles, including karate, and kick-boxing.

Personal History: Originally born in France, Axelle and her parents soon packed up their lives there and headed to America. The move happened before Axelle is even able to remember-she’s lived in New Ithaca for most of her life. There was . . . always something off about her from when she was very young. She didn’t show signs of being anything like a psychopath or a sociopath, she didn’t go out and torture little animals, no, but she always seemed too quiet, too focused. Her parents thought it was unusual considering most children are loud, hyper and excitable when so young, yet she was the exact opposite. Axelle always loved watching shows about cops and crimes being solved, always.

Blood and gore never bothered her, never gave her nightmares, and she never seemed violent so her parents figured it was fine to let her watch those sorts of shows, they thought that maybe their little girl wanted to be a cop or a detective when she grew up. What could the harm have been?
However, when Axelle was in kindergarten, she deemed herself to be known as ‘The Scarlett Queen.’ She said that one day she would become Queen of the Underworld; the underworld being the crime organizations of New Ithaca, she claimed she would rule over the city one day without a question. Of course, no one believed this to be true, and brushed it off as her imagination finally acting up as it tended to on all children her age. Oh, how very wrong they were. . . .

Growing up through the years, Axelle began to perfect an act that would serve her well later on in life. She knew that she could not simply become the Queen of the Underworld by announcing it; she needed to have a cover story, something that no one would ever suspect a criminal to uphold. And so, she began to sing from a young age, taking lessons, joining the school choir and eventually getting a job as a lounge singer in a rather popular, upscale restaurant in the Avalon district in New Ithaca. All the while, as she was perfecting her cover story, she was also making a name for herself on the world of the Internet where she knew people from local gangs and criminal organizations talked with each other.

She had done her research, she knew what she was doing there. She would log onto covert chatrooms where groups were talking about their plans, what they were going to be doing next, and randomly she would pop into the conversation as ‘The Scarlett Queen,’ commenting on what was wrong with their plans and what faults there were. What they were doing wrong and how it could wind up getting them caught in jail; people brushed her off at first, not knowing what to think of this random party who was coming in and telling them what they were doing wrong when no one knew who they were.

No one knew if the ‘Queen’ had experience in the criminal world, so no one would take her seriously; it wasn’t until people began to realize that everything she was saying was true, that they began to turn to her for advice and for correcting their faulted plans. In a short amount of time, many groups were coming to her online, and listening to every word she wrote. The Scarlett Queen was gathering her followers before she was even sixteen.

She carried out her everyday life, singing at a restaurant while at night she became the Queen online. She went through high school, graduated and eventually began making herself more known in person in the Underworld of New Ithaca. As the years had gone by, she had managed to amass a group of loyal followers who put all their faith in her words, intelligence and plans. Yet, other than her own followers, there are few outside of her group that know her face; and no one in her own organization knows her true name, they simply call her their Queen.

Her organization is rather covert compared to others in the city, they make their base in Xibalba, but more so in the open, in a nightclub that few would suspect because it seems rather upscale. While Axelle has kept her job as a lounge singer, she doesn’t actually need it anymore, her position as the leader of her organization, the Roses, has given her a vast amount of wealth. Her group mostly deals with assisting other groups in higher scale crimes, such as taking money from high up companies and they also specialize in information gathering.

Today, Axelle still does the daily grind of singing during the day and taking on her role as the Queen of her Roses at night. Slowly her influence is spreading through the city’s Underworld and she is gaining more followers; and her dreams are coming true. . . .

Other: Axelle often carries a toy rapier around and uses it to smack people around if they anger her, even if it is a toy, getting stricken with it hurts because Axelle often puts much force behind her hits, and she knows HOW to make it hurt.


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