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Calliope Germaine

Theme Song: Never Alone by Barlow Girl

Role: Terra, Bearer of Earth, Girl 2
Gender: Female
Nickname(s): Calli
Date of Birth: April 30, 1995
Age: 16
Nationality: British

Appearance: Calli is very graceful in her movements. She has a body that's built like a super model, only she's average height. When she smiles, which is rare nowadays, her dimples appear. While it appears she has no physical flaws, she actually has a large scar on her back due to an injury she received from when she was young.
Preferred Clothing: Calli prefers to wear comfortable and casual wear. She tends to wear light dresses than anything and her color palette tends to be more natural colors. She won't admit it, but she loves Japanese kimonos.

Height: 5'5"
Weight: 112 lbs
Hair Color: Aqua Green
Eye Color: Aqua Green, but turn into a more blue-green when she's happy.

Personality: Calliope has a very reserved personality for the most part. She barely smiles too and only talks when she has something to say. However, she is very observant and is good at reading people. Don't ever try to tease her for she'll take you seriously and clam up even more or avoid you all together. Because of her shy nature, she tends to be awkward in social situations. One thing though that you can always count on, is that she's always honest, maybe a little too honest. This is because she was raised to always tell the truth. She never wants to talk about herself, especially her past because of all the pain she's been through. She feels she's all alone in this world and that no one understands her. However, she loves life in general and neveral wants to see anyone suffer on her account. Calliope is actually empathic and has a close connection with nature. In fact, she prefers being around plants and animals more than she does people. One of the rare times she smiles is when she feels at home outdoors. When she does smile, it's like she becomes a whole different person.

Calliope never tries to get emotional because when she does get that way, her powers tend to take over and she'll faint afterwards. She is not very athletic. Her endurance is lacking for she can get tired easily if she pushes herself too hard. And while she never wants to hurt anyone, she also won't stand by if she sees someone getting hurt. Overall, she is a nice girl, she just has trouble socially.

Likes: Nature, Animals, Being at ease, apples, helping others, her musicbox

Dislikes: Violence, Suffering, being alone, large crowds, meat (she's vegetarian)

Hobbies: Horse riding, reading, meditation

Phobia(s): Pain-she has a low pain tollerance
Claustrophobia- Fear of tight spaces, she also feels this way in large crowds

Power: Terra

Growth- She has the ability to make plants grow, including the roots. She rarely uses this ability, only when she sees something small dying.
Earthshaking- This is probably Calliope's most devestating ability, as she has the power to cause an earthquake. Because of the effects, she had only used it once.
Empathy- She is able to feel what others feel, including nature, she is still trying to control this ability.

Personal History: Calliope never had an easy life. She is the youngest of two with one older brother. Her parents fought constantly from when she could remember. This was due to the fact that her father had a very controlling personality and was highly possessive of her mother. Of course, her mother wasn't perfect either. She originally married Calliope's father for money. She actually never wanted children, but her father wanted 'heirs' so he forced her to become a mother. Her mother didn't want to have anything to do with her children and so Calliope and her brother were left in the care of nannies. Her father did come from nobility so his public image was vastly different from what she saw at home. However, when Calliope's mother, who had slowly became depressed and came to hate her husband, threaten to leave her husband for another, her father snapped. Up to this time, he sometimes took his anger out on Calliope, seeing how she was only a girl, even though her brother tried to protect her. When her father snapped though, things went from bad to worse. When calliope was only 8 years old and her brother was 10, something horrible happened that would change her life forever. Her father started beating her and her mother, and also went after one of Calliope's nannies with a butcher knife. Now Calliope loved her nanny and so she threw herself on tope of her nanny and slashed on her back. To add insult to injury, her father kicked her away, before going after her nanny again. Calliope lost control right there and that's when her power awakened. Her cries seemed to have awakened the trees around their house, and the large roots came through the house and attacked nearly everyone inside, except for Calliope. Also, when the roots came from the surface, it also caused a large sinkhole to appear near the house, and parts of the house came crashing down, killing those who didn't make it. By the time everything had settle down, the house was in ruins and only a few survivors were left. Calliope was barely alive though due to her back injury. Someone had called for the ambullance though and Calliope was rushed to the hospital. When she awaken, she found out that her entire family was dead and much of the household. The remaining survivors claimed they saw roots come through the house but eventually were deemed insane. Only Calliope remained silent. She instinctively knew she was responsible.

After the tragedy, nobody in her family wanted Calliope, which really hurt the young girl. However the story of her family's death caught the attention of one missionary, and he offered to take the child. He took Calliope with him to America and they travel around the country helping people. Calliope eventually learned to open up a bit to her new adoptive father. During this time Calliope developed her magic in private. She was too scared to tell the missonary though in fear of his rejection. However, he eventually found out by accident when she was 12. Calliope had seen a dying flower and brought it back to life, just as her adoptive father showed up unexpectedly. Calliope, fearing his response, ran away, but he caught up to her and asked how long she had this ability. She told him the truth and instead cursing her, he told her it was a gift. Things actually got better for Calliope, but all too soon that would change.

When Calliope was 14 years old, she and her adoptive father found themselves in a poor side of town in another city. While helping some people, a gang showed up and demanded money. They didn't have any cash, only food and medical supplies. Without saying a word, one of the gang members shot the missionary at point blank. This causes Calliope to scream and she unleashes her power again and she causes an earthquake, which causes buildings to fall. Also, a crack within the earth appears and the earth opens up, causing the gang members to fall through it. The missionary almost falls through it, but Calliope grabs him and manages to pull him to safety. Her adoptive father is barely alive but the wound was fatal and the damage done was emmense. He manages to tell Calliope he loves and that she'll be okay before dying in her arms. Calliope is devestated after this and never wants to open up to people from this point on.

The missionary actually did make sure Calliope had plenty of support in case of his death. Calliope was to move in with his sister, who lives in New Ithaca City. Her 'aunt' actually knows about Calliope's power and keeps it hidden from others. She tries to be a loving guardian, but Calliope doesn't try for she fears losing anymore loved ones. She barely uses her powers, only when she feels she has to. She is also going to public school for the first time also and finds herself very much alone.

Other: Calliope has a musicbox that was given to her by her adoptive father and she treasures it above all things. Calliope suffers from nightmares still. She also has a diary that she writes in constantly

Sample Post:
Dear Diary,
Today I found myself contemplating on my existance again. Recently, I began to wonder why I was really here. Sometimes it feels like there is something I should be doing, but than it eludes me. What is this feeling that I am feeling? Why do I keep feeling this way. It is frustrating. I wish my father was here to help me. I still dream about him and that day I lost him. It will forever be etched in my mind. Why couldn't I save him? If anyone deserved to die, it should have been me. There are days like today that I wonder if everyone would have been left off better had I never existed. Of course, as soon as I think this, I think of all the things father taught. "Life is precious, including yours, Calliope." That's what he would say. Aunt Rachel says the same thing too. She's a nice woman and is trying to make me feel at home. However, I don't think I'll ever be 'home' here. Where is home? I wish I could find it.
In other news, school is the same as usual. People here always seem to be in a hurry. Their faces flash by in an instant. I feel so overwhelmed by how many people are in such a small place. Still, I promised Aunt Rachel that I would go through school and go onto college. It shouldn't be too much longer. For some reason though, I feel that whatever is going to happen, will happen soon and it'll change things again for me.

I know know what is going to happen, but whatever happens, I hope I'll be ready for it.
Night Diary,

So begins...

Calliope Germaine's Story