New Ithaca CityLeonid Machiavellie

"You get one chance. Do not cross me."

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Leonid Machiavellie
Chinese Dragon Tattoo, location:back

Saber-tooth Tiger by Cage the Elephant

Role: NPC
Nickname or Alias: The Lion of New Ithaca
Gender: Male
Nationality: Italian American/Russian
Birth date January 21, 1985
Age: 26

Appearance: Handsome tall and slim, he keeps straight brown hair short and out of his eyes. Yet, his piercing green eyes and a small vertical scar under his eye show that Leo is much more than just some pretty boy. Most times he is firm and serious, and when it is necessary he can be quite intimidating.

Preferred ClothingHe always wears a fresh pressed and custom fitted suit, gray or black, maintaining a professional appearance. Occasionally he will wear a matching hat to compliment the suit, but not often. He has a tattoo of a Chinese dragon on his back.

Height: 6’ 2”
Weight: 175 lbs
Hair Color: Dark Brown
Eye Color: Green

Personality: Serious, cold, and intimidating. Leo is the crown-prince of the New Ithaca underworld and he fits the part to a tee. He has grown up massive amounts of power, and he aims to keep it. He likes to keep his subordinates on tight leash, and will never hesitate to punish anyone that steps out of line. You two chances: if you screw up once, you get warned; if you screw up twice, you get dead. Though he has many under his control, if he feels a job is important enough he has no reservations about making sure it gets done right by doing it himself. He often enjoys the violence it is associated with and some might say he gets just a little to into killing those who cross him.

His willpower is phenomenal and would be able to intimidate even the most grizzled thug, even without his status. When he can not take something by force, he uses a clever mix of outright threats followed by promises of compassion and forgiveness as long as he gets what he wants. These promises however are empty, but the truth hides behind a mask of concern.

He often relishes in his power though. Women, alcohol, drugs, fast cars, and his own personal parties. He has been known control and goes to far with his extravagance, but it doesn’t happen often. The only person he respects in his life is his father, Roberto, the head of the Machiavellies and he would do anything for him.

Oddities: Leo likes to keep a toothpick in his mouth, and he carries around a lucky coin.


Fast Cars


People who think they are his equal/superior
When things don’t go his way
Law Enforcement and the Government

Refuses to ride on a train

Hobbies: Golf with his father.


Skill with firearms: Knows how to shoot and maintain many different types of firearms.

Henchmen and Guns: He has many thugs, bodyguards, and even a few hit men at his disposal. Along with that comes the arsenal to himself and his henchmen with fully automatic weapons if the need arises.

Lots of money: Crazy amounts, it’s not even funny. He has the backing of a large and powerful crime-syndicate that has been around for generations.

Personal History: His father and mother came together to end a long standing war between the Italian and Russian families that were part of New Ithaca criminal underground. However it was really just a way of the Italian side, who had fared far much better, to absorb the Russian side. With that the Machiavellie family came to control quite a significant piece of the pie, so to speak. He was born a little while after. His very early in his childhood due to infighting from some of the remnants of the Russian side.

He grew up in luxury and his father, trying to sire a true heir, taught him everything he knew. He got into the family business at a young age, and he was home schooled on what his father thought to be more “appropriate subject matter”.

He grew up young, and has been a dominant force in the organization for years. His crown achievement being a “brokering” a truce and business partnership he brokered with the a Chinese organization that had stepped up to fill the shoes of the now absorbed Russian one. He lives his life in luxury in a penthouse suite in Avalon. Recently, his father has taken a more passive role by moving to a large house Pacifica Beach. He is in the possess of retiring and handing over the reins to his son.

Other: The scar on his cheek is from an assassination attempt on Leo when he was fifteen. It didn’t end well for the assassin. The dragon tattoo on his back is to commemorate the allegiance of the Chinese crime family to Leo and the Machiavellies.

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