EdenPray Krimsson

"I will not sully my knuckles with you pungent blood."

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Pray Krimsson

Theme Song: Who We Are -Red

Role: NPC
Gender: Male
Nickname(s): The Unknown
Date of Birth: October 13th 1992
Age: 19
Nationality: German/American

Appearance: He is ripped, you know those perfect body people, well Pray is one of them, and he is not too thin and has no fat. His hands are rough but his face is nicely chiseled out. He has piercing green eyes but they're not mean, people only judge that they are menacing because they don't know him. He usually keeps his hair down and it's almost always messy because of his frequent sleeping in classes, outside, at home or wherever. He has a long scar on the outer side of his left leg that goes from his thigh to his shin and a second scar that looks like a deep bear claw mark on his upper right arm.

Preferred Clothing: He wears a plane shirt with a hoody and usually has the hood on his head, baggy pants with chains or baggy shorts and sometimes a tank top. He always has his chain necklace with written, "You Promised", on the tag. He never lets anyone touch or even stare too long at the necklace, it's a precious gift.

Height: 6'4"
Weight: 170lbs
Hair Color: Sandy Brown Chestnut
Eye Color: Ocean Deep Green

Personality: He isn't shy but he isn't social either, even though he is admire by boys and girls alike he barely says even a few words to them. He is very athletic and scores perfect grades in all classes except history because he never goes, but no one knows how he gets such good grades because he's always sleeping in class. Because of his good looks, stern eyes and good grades he attracts a lot of trouble but you can't really say it bothers him because he fights whoever dares to start the fight even if they start to run away or surrender, in the end he leaves with his bloody hands in his pockets and a stack of beaten people behind him. But, even though he's a thug doesn't mean he isn't sensitive. Ever Saturday in the morning before dawn he breaks into the library and grabs a book so he can read at his secret view point of the town as the sun rises and then he watches the clouds (of course he brings the book back).

Reading, music, fighting, sports, observing

Boastful people, being looked down on or ordered around, ignorant people, loud mouths

Playing guitar, running, soccer, basket ball, juggling (believe it or not), fighting

Claustrophobia- Fear of confined spaces.
Apotemnophobia- Fear of persons with amputations.
Amaxophobia- Fear of riding in a car.

Endurance, strength, perception, agility, speed, convincing, psychological

Personal History: It's not an easy subject but it is one that cannot be avoided. Pray's family was broke when he was nine and his mother was forced to prostitute herself because she had done no studies and had no other choice, his father was a drunkard and left with the ridiculous excuse that he felt too confined and suffocated in the house. Pray's older brother, Jean, finished his studies and went into the army so that there could be enough money to pay of the dept. For a long time Pray and his mother lived in misery but when the money finally arrived they could have a descent meal set on the table.

Two years later, Jean invited Pray to the army camp he was commanding and of course Pray accepted to get a tour of the place. They both in the car going around the woods when it happened, the driver was shot and Jean quickly grabbed Pray so they could make a run for it, Jean was shot right through the heart and Pray was followed by the killer of his brother. His whole leg was cut open but the man was shot in the head before he could kill Pray. The other soldiers went off to help the others while Pray crawled back to him dead brother and cried until he was brought to the clinic to be tended to. There were so many people with blown off, legs, arms, eyes, there was blood everywhere and Jean was under a white sheet that also was tainted red. In Jean's hand was a chain necklace that he had promised to give to give to Pray at the end of the tour so Pray slipped it out of his fingers and then left with his mother.

He would keep his promise with his brother, he would keep his mother safe, do his studies and be the better man. He became stronger and intelligent, but he didn't want to go to the history classes because he didn't want to have to listen to all those stories of battles because he had lived through one but it also killed his brother and he had no intention of seeing as other people didn't give a damn. His mother died from cancer when he was fifteen and ever since he's been living in a small apartment that he bought with the large savings Jean had made. He works at a part time job as a security guard at the town club and it's enough for him to live

Other: He knows that something is going on with the world, he not only found an old book at the corner of the library that was a bit smudged but he read Chaos and Order and Six Pieces, but he also noticed a guy at a shop next to a water fountain with a cup but the guy filled his cup without touching the water fountain. He suspects something, and he intends to get answers.

So begins...

Pray Krimsson's Story